Electronic locks for lockers

Electronic locks for lockers

With the development of society, lockers, as a daily necessities for users to properly keep their personal belongings, have gradually appeared in our lives frequently. At present, lockers have been widely used in shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and office places. However, due to the extremely high confidentiality and safety of the items stored in the lockers, the current society’s requirements for locks of the lockers are constantly increasing, in order to achieve the goal of providing users with the greatest convenience.

Judging from the development history of lockers, lockers can be divided into two categories: cylinder locks for lockers and electronic locks for lockers. The locks of different storage cabinets have different advantages and disadvantages. The cylinder locks of the storage cabinets are cheap and can be replaced at any time according to the needs of users. Its significant advantages, but at the same time its shortcomings are also relatively obvious. The safety of the locker is low, and the cylinder lock can be disassembled by violence to achieve the purpose of damaging the locker, and the cylinder lock needs a key to switch. Once the key is lost, it will cause difficulty in opening the locker.

I want to ask which lock is the best and safest for the locker now? I will answer you without thinking, it must be an electronic locker lock! Although the price of electronic locks is relatively higher than that of cylinder locks, the advantages of electronic locks for storage cabinets are more significant than cylinder locks for storage cabinets. First of all, the electronic lock of the storage cabinet discards the key necessary for the traditional cylinder lock, avoiding the embarrassing situation of “lost key” or “mislock” and “mislock”. The lock is encrypted with a 4-15 digit code. , It can provide billions of passwords, users can modify and set the passwords by themselves, even if the power is suddenly cut off, they can automatically remember the passwords in time, and the items stored in the lockers are extremely high. Security. Secondly, the electronic lock of the locker also has a variety of choices for the material of the locker, whether it is made of wood, plastic or metal, it can be installed with an electronic lock, breaking the strictness of the traditional cylinder lock for the material The limit of requirements. Furthermore, on the basis of the traditional cylinder lock, the electronic locker of the locker introduces the functions of intelligent anti-theft and fake PIN code. After consecutively inputting the wrong code for many times, an alarm sound will be issued to remind the user to pay attention to the storage. The purpose of the safety of the locker. Finally, the electronic lock of the locker can achieve the greatest saving in the use of resources. Only 4 AA batteries can be used for the electronic lock of the locker more than 10,000 times. When there is no power, there is also an automatic power-off prompt.

The button design of the touch panel, the valve body of the split design and the different options of the panel have advantages, which make the locker electronic lock the best choice for us to choose the locker of the locker! The safety performance of the electronic lock of the locker needs to pass the multiple certifications of the Ministry of Public Security, the European Union CE and the United States FCC!

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