Happy life, drawer lock!

Happy life, drawer lock!

I believe that in the decoration of modern homes or companies, there are often some drawer locks installed. Although the drawer locks are small, they can protect our privacy and private property. With the improvement of economic conditions, people are more concerned about With the strong demand for aesthetics and safety, smart door locks are becoming more and more popular. Has the drawer lock fallen? No, we still value it very much. It comes from history and has witnessed our brilliance and rise. We don’t want to see it gradually disappear in history.

Locks were born almost at the same time as private ownership. Drawer locks have a long history. The small locks represent the long-standing development of human secrecy and humanistic feelings. As early as 3000 BC, there were wooden locks installed on wooden frame buildings in the Yangshao cultural relics in China. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the technology of China’s iron three-bolt locks had reached a very high level. The three-bolt lock has been used for more than 1,000 years. Or the young girl’s feelings are always the hazy period of poetry. Treasure it and put it in a box, and put a small exquisite lock on it, afraid that others will know it, but the deer in her heart bumps into it, and the red clouds are flying in the sky. Drawer lock is a device used to lock drawers. It is a kind of lock. It is placed on an openable and closable object to close a certain space or a certain appliance. It must be opened with a key or a combination. This greatly protects the user’s personal privacy and property security. The invention of the drawer lock reduced the ancients’ concerns about privacy, and confidential documents were hidden in the safest place.

In the high-scoring TV series “Please Answer 1988”, the father lost contact. The son who was participating in the event felt very anxious because he heard the news of the accident on his son’s flight. He has always been sensible and lost his calmness. The key was taken away by his son. The drawer was locked with his son’s flight information. He wanted to confirm whether it was his own child, so he could only smash the door lock with his fist and punch, and his hands were bleeding. . At the end of the story, fortunately, the son did not get on that flight. We are deeply moved by the relationship between the father and son, and we are also worried about whether these door locks are safe. Drawer locks have become a weapon for us to harm our family unintentionally? No, the transformation of the drawer lock embodies its wisdom, and it also facilitates the elderly and young people. The elderly can open the lock in the traditional way, and the young people have the lifestyle of the young people.

In recent years, drawer locks are still widely used, you can find it from a small lock on our notebook. With the rapid development of science and technology, the current development of biometric technology and Bluetooth technology has made the development of smart door locks even further. The degree of professionalism of drawer locks is getting higher and higher. To say that the industry leader is not http://www.wellhw.com/, the precision mentioned in it is one of the leading trendsetters in the industry. The traditional mechanical lock is too cumbersome to install, and the smart drawer lock in it is high quality and cheap, the price is less than one hundred yuan, and the price is very high. You can directly use the mobile phone applet to switch the lock, which is very convenient, and it is almost 100% with the drawer. Whether it is a closet drawer, a desk drawer, a cabinet drawer, etc., because of its compact design, it is not very conspicuous and deliberate at all, and it is a very original design.

There are four types of drawer locks: front drawer lock, side drawer lock, square tongue drawer lock, and diagonal tongue drawer lock. The front drawer lock can control two or three drawers with one lock head. Installed in the front of the office. Side drawer lock It can control two or three drawers with one lock head. Installed on the side of the office. The square tongue lock is a common type of drawer lock. It is installed in the middle of a drawer and can only lock one drawer. The oblique tongue drawer lock is when the key is removed, the drawer only needs to be pushed in. It is easy to use. http://www.wellhw.com/ This company has these types of drawer locks, and they are rich in styles and shapes. Different and fully functional.

The high-security drawer lock also protects the trust between people. You may be worried that the electronic lock program is wrong or that the electronic lock is too advanced. The elderly at home will not be able to operate and may cause mistakes in operation. I have seen a case where an elderly man lived with his son, but the son was on a business trip for a few days. The elderly are not very good at operating electronic locks and cannot open the door. As a result, they waited for hours at the door of the house to wait for their son to get off work. It is really distressing. The problem of “no entry” for the elderly has become more prominent. Or worry that a slightly more powerful programmer can easily crack the password at home. In any case, I can’t feel at ease. I hate to put on a few locks. I think I’m used to the safe feeling of holding the key tightly in the palm of the drawer lock, https ://www.wellhw.com/ The company has set up a family lock to provide double insurance for the elderly and children in the family.

There are many styles of drawer locks, but in any case, the safety and diversity of drawer locks are what we all pursue. Choose our continuously improving Well Hard Ware company, because it is more professional and more in line with the wishes of residents, and more assured!


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