Intelligent Locks–Home Furnishings That Promote Security

Intelligent Locks–Home Furnishings That Promote Security


Door locks are an important item in the home and protect the safety of personal and property.

With the rapid development of science and technology, human life is becoming more and more intelligent, and the intelligent products that are constantly being developed are becoming more and more practical and closer to human life.We apply our self-developed technology to our daily life, which is a very rewarding thing of science and technology.With the emergence of high-tech development products such as sweeping robot, door and window sensor, intelligent lock as a good thing to improve the sense of security at home is attracting more attention.


The intelligent lock is a kind of lock that is different from the old-fashioned key and mechanical lock. Compared with old-fashioned locks, while being intelligent, it can achieve higher security. The appearance of intelligent lock set off another wave of upsurge.Many electronic brands are constantly developing smart locks, and even well-known automobile brands have joined the ranks of research and development to open up the endless smart lock market. The development designers tried their best to overcome the difficulties, and finally generations of intelligent locks came out.


Let’s talk about the appearance first. Intelligent locks generally use push-pull handles. The LCD screen is installed above the handle, and the charging line is invisible wire. The appearance is clean and the sense of science and technology is very strong. Intelligent lock is a good guarantee for your home safety!

The intelligent lock has more ways of unlocking than the traditional single key.For example, through the input of fingerprint, sensing card, entering the password to open, “Scan the face to open the door” and so on. As we all know, fingerprints are unique things for everyone in the world, and their security performance is very high. In addition, you can check out for more high-tech smart unlocking methods. Plus, the verification time is short, which is very good to solve the problem of forgetting to take the key or losing the key. It is convenient and safe for people who live alone.


Intelligent locks are smart because they support WiFi linkage to connect to the owner’s mobile phone. The owner can remotely check the situation at the door of the house through the mobile phone software anytime and anywhere. Just like a small camera, it achieves the effect of real-time monitoring very efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the house when you go out. You can clearly grasp the door lock status and opening records of the house even if you are not at home. In addition, the intelligent lock is equipped with a sensing device. If the door is not closed in time after opening, the intelligent lock will give an audible reminder and give a voice prompt. At the same time, there will be a “strong reminder” function on the mobile phone software.


Compared with the old door locks, intelligent locks also have a double authentication mode, which greatly improves the safety performance. In terms of functions, there is also a remote authorization temporary key mode, which is convenient for relatives and friends as well as the owner himself, and the design is very user-friendly.


Of course, there is another core function of the intelligent lock, which is the network alarm function. As long as the number of password errors reaches the number designed by the brand, the intelligent lock will also start the automatic alarm mode when notifying the owner. At the same time, it makes a sound, and the intelligent lock alarm greatly improves the safety of the house. Well Hard Ware company just meets your needs.Come to our website to buy more intelligent locks!

With the expansion of the intelligent lock market, the types of smart locks are extremely wide.Different prices also correspond to the different technologies and functions of intelligent locks.  After all, the core of intelligent locks is safety and stability. The conditions for judging whether an intelligent lock is good or not are: good mechanical lock and a variety of intelligent anti-theft way. In fact, as long as it is a regular product, intelligent locks are better than mechanical locks, which is a dimensionality reduction attack. You won’t regret choosing Well Hard Ware.Our technology is more professional, so that you are more assured!


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