The principle of pinball lock unlocking

Pinball locks are usually used in barrel locks. The center of the cylinder lock is a cylinder hole in which a cylinder lock core (Plug) is placed. When opening, the

The history of marble locks

Pin Tumbler Lock, also known as pin tumbler lock, bead lock, bolt lock or pin lock, is one of the most common lock structures. The principle is to use multiple

What is an RFID lock? Principle of RFID lock

Nowadays, RFID access control systems can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. In recent years, the application requirements of high-level important access control systems such as important national departments,

Function and role of smart locker lock

The smart locker lock is a dedicated information lock for wireless drawers designed based on the ZigBee standard. Its main body and accessory parts are installed in the drawer and

Can the smart door lock be installed by myself?

You can install it yourself, but this possibility is relatively small. Regardless of whether you need a master installation, you need to know the following information! Regarding smart door locks,


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