Smart locks are only “safe and convenient” that the market just needs?

Smart locks are only “safe and convenient” that the market just needs?

Since 2016, the development of China’s smart home door lock industry has entered the fast lane. According to statistics from the China Hardware Information Center: in 2016, 3.5 million sets of smart locks were sold nationwide, 8 million sets in 2017, and 16 million sets in 2018, showing a doubling trend year by year. Smart locks are gradually entering millions of households. At present, the penetration rate of smart locks in my country is only 5%. It is predicted that in the next 5-10 years, 50% of households will choose to switch to smart home door locks. China has a base of 400 million households, and smart locks have a normal renewal service life 5- In 8 years, it can be seen that the market prospects are huge.
Looking at the world, the penetration rate of smart locks in European and American households is nearly 50% (Editor’s note: This data has always been controversial in the industry. Although this is a data commonly adopted by domestic media, according to relevant industry insiders, the penetration rate of smart locks in European and American countries has not Not so high), Japan and South Korea are 70%, and the convenience of smart locks has become the first element of demand.
Most domestic smart lock companies lack structural innovation and copy foreign smart lock solutions for plagiarism and imitation. Due to different national conditions (legal restrictions and different positioning of legitimate defense, foreign countries can even directly kill those who invade private residences without responsibility, domestic legislation has yet to be perfected), door conditions are different (foreign countries are mostly steel-wood and solid wood doors, while Chinese defense pirates Doors are mostly metal hollow structures, and it is easy to use simple tools such as screwdrivers to pry a large enough gap between the door and the lock for technical unlocking), which has brought many criticisms to the domestic smart lock industry. As a result, many domestic smart door locks have been reduced to “convenient but unsafe” locks, bringing huge hidden dangers to the people’s live and work.
Leaving security is equal to zero, with one-vote veto power to judge the quality of door locks. According to the historical data of the public security department, in recent years, seven out of ten burglaries originate from loopholes in the door and lock, which will also cause a vicious harm. The high-security smart lock finds out the loopholes of the current smart lock and makes up for it from the following aspects:
1. “The lock cylinder is exposed” has been locked and unlocked for thousands of years. “As long as the lock cylinder is exposed, it cannot defend against technical unlocking and simple violence against the lock cylinder.” Due to the need for emergency unlocking, smart locks are reliable. Set up a mechanical emergency lock cylinder for protection, and the lock cylinder will naturally become a conventional means of stealing;
The high-security smart lock adopts a reliable patented structure to implement “lock-cylinder invisible protection” for the exposed lock cylinder. Under normal conditions, the lock cylinder is protected from being exposed, and emergency unlocking can only be implemented after waking up when it is activated.
2. “External clutch”. Most smart locks on the market claim to adopt a “free handle” structure. Most of them essentially install the clutch on the outer panel of the door, while the domestic double-layer hollow metal anti-theft door structure only requires Pry enough deformation seam between the door and the lock to open it with a steel ruler slot tool;
High-security smart locks, through the independent patented structure “built-in clutch device”, the clutch of the smart lock is built into the inner guard plate, so that the anti-theft door structure forms a powerful protection mechanism for the lock’s clutch mechanism.
3. “External recognition”, smart locks on the market that use the “external clutch” method are easily damaged due to the material limitations of the smart control panel (acrylic, tempered glass, etc.). Find the motor cable of the clutch. It can be stolen by directly connecting to the phone;
High-security smart lock, using the “external recognition and internal recognition module” combined with the independent patent “built-in clutch device” to collect various intelligent control information outside the door to form digital comparison information and then decode it through the decoder board on the door inner panel , Send an electric signal to unlock the clutch device installed in the door, even if the module outside the door is damaged, it cannot be stolen.
4. The protection structure of the smart lock is weak, and there is almost no defense against the simple handle lever afterburner;
High-safety smart locks introduce “over-limit self-destruct transmission” for the safety of ordinary smart locks, artificially set the critical value of the transmission structure, and use the transmission structure to self-destruct for effective protection.
When it comes to the safety of fingerprint locks, we must definitely mention its convenience. Judging from the unlocking method of the fingerprint lock, we know how convenient it is. This is a lock that the “key” will never forget, because our finger is the key to the door. You can’t say that you forget it. Come home! Now is an era when you don’t need to bring money when you go out. If you install a fingerprint lock, it will also be an era when you don’t need to bring keys when you go out. Someone used to say that when you go out, you have to bring four things, namely, “stretch (ID) hand (mobile phone) and ask for (key) money (wallet)”, but now you only need to “stretch your hand” when you go out. money”!
The convenience of the fingerprint lock is not an empty statement, it is also reflected in some specific cases. For example, your family hired a babysitter and gave the babysitter the key to the security door. One day the babysitter said nothing, then you don’t need to change the lock of the security door. You only need to delete her fingerprints! For another example, if a friend wants to stay in your house for a period of time, you need to give him a key to the door for convenience. Install a fingerprint lock, and you will save the trouble of going to the old man downstairs to get a key. Just give him his fingerprint. Just enter the fingerprint lock, and then wait for him to leave, and then delete the fingerprint, which is equivalent to recovering his key.


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