The internal structure of the handle lock

The internal structure of the handle lock

The internal structure of the handle lock: a complete handle lock usually consists of: packing box, screws, Allen wrench, door stopper, hinge, key, lock body, door handle, lock core, panel. Each part can be made of different materials. A cost-effective handle lock is usually: the handle is made of zinc alloy, the panel is made of stainless steel, the lock cylinder is made of pure copper, and the hardware accessories can be made of stainless steel or pure copper. It is not only more affordable, but also of high quality.

There are more and more types of locks on the market. The most commonly used one is the handle lock. What is the structure of the handle lock? The handle lock structure is generally divided into five parts: handle, panel, lock body, lock core and accessories, and each part will be introduced in detail below.

Part 1: Handle
The handle is also called the door handle, and the most popular one is made of zinc alloy. Because of the excellent metal properties of zinc alloy, it can be made into many different shapes and colors. In addition to the quality of the handle, the more important thing is the production process. Special attention should be paid to the electroplating process. A good electroplating process needs to be polished in multiple layers to ensure that the surface of the handle is smooth. The internal metal is not corroded and oxidized. The electroplating process and the materials used are one of the important criteria to measure the quality of the handle of the handle.

Part 2: Panel
From the length of the handle panel, it can be divided into door locks and indoor door locks. When choosing, we must first figure out the length of the panel. Common panels are made of stainless steel and zinc alloy, which are electroplated to make them have good corrosion resistance. In addition, one of the important criteria for judging the quality of the panel is whether the material is sufficient, the high-quality handle lock panel is heavy in the hand, and the material used is real.

Part 3: Lock body
The lock body is the core component of the entire handle lock, and its composition structure generally consists of: shell, lining board, main part, plastic box, etc. The common manufacturing materials are mainly stainless steel. Common lock body lock body specifications are: 5058, 5045 and 7255 three specifications. The first two digits represent the distance from the overlock to the round hole; the last two digits represent the distance from the square hole to the round hole.

Part Four: Lock Cylinder
The lock cylinder plays the role of controlling the switch of the door lock. The quality of the lock cylinder is directly related to the material and production process used. The common lock cylinder in the market is a pure copper lock cylinder. The lock core of the handle lock generally adopts a marble structure design. The more marbles, the better the anti-theft ability and the lower the mutual opening rate.

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