Well Hard Ware drawer lock is beautiful, durable and good in quality, and the old brand is trustworthy!

Well Hard Ware drawer lock is beautiful, durable and good in quality, and the old brand is trustworthy!

Well Hard Ware drawer lock is beautiful, durable and good in quality, and the old brand is trustworthy!

Well Hard Ware was established in 1998, we are committed to making high-quality, high-quality furniture locks at a reasonable price. After more than 20 years of development, we have now become a major lock manufacturer supplier in the domestic market. We have been adhering to the business philosophy of “win-win cooperation, making locks with heart” until now. We have more than 20 years of old customers as well as new customers full of fresh blood. We not only continue to improve on traditional locks, but also integrate technological expertise. New technology and new ideas. We have a professional R&D team that combines the old with the new, reinvents the old, and innovates the old, helping our company to do better and bigger.

As an old brand, the good reputation and the existence of us are the best proof. We have been making this drawer lock for 18 years. No matter how others exaggerate their own products, no matter how much it is, you have to know that our old brand is trustworthy.

As the saying goes, “Ginger is still old and spicy.” In terms of quality, we dare not slacken our brand. Our drawer locks are extremely cost-effective, with many styles and a complete range of products. If you need it, you can check and buy on www.wellhw.com.

The drawer lock is made of high-quality zinc alloy, the surface is electroplated, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant.

Durable structure: thickened lock plate, thickened solid base, stable installation, durable, firm, comfortable, simple and beautiful.

The dual-core drawer lock adopts a special design, which can greatly improve the safety, and it is not easy to break the lock with tools. It is closely integrated with the cabinet door and is very reliable.

Wide range of uses: suitable for office desks, furniture cabinets, cabinet drawers, file cabinets, file drawers, cabinet drawer replacement locks, storage cabinets, wooden table drawers, etc.

The drawer lock of our Well Hard Ware is simple and quick to install and opens and closes smoothly. High performance-price ratio, our production is professional, we have special design and research on the drawer, which can greatly improve the safety of the drawer and protect your property information. The sophisticated lock is made of high-quality zinc alloy, with a bright surface, easy to clean, and not easy to rust.

Due to manual measurement, please allow a slight deviation. Due to the screen display, the color may be slightly different from the actual color. If you have any product quality or other issues, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will provide you with the best service.

Well Hard Ware zinc alloy drawer lock, anti-theft lock head, thickened lock plate, higher and stronger protection coefficient, strong and not easy to pry. High-quality materials, not easy to rust after long-term use. The thickening of the lock plate makes the bearing capacity larger and more stable.

Material: Zinc alloy die-cast housing and cylinder. 2) Size: 19x22mm 3) Surface treatment: chrome plating/nickel plating/gold plating/copper plating. 4) Combination/key code: 1000; 5 rotation angle 90 degrees CW. 6) Brass, steel, zinc alloy or metal keys and plastic covers (2 keys) are available. 7) Specially designed brass key, automatic engraving, high security; 8) Same keying (KA) or different keying (KD), optional 9) Screw installation. Packing: can be customized.

The simple and elegant appearance also allows the furniture lock to be naturally matched with various cabinets, wardrobes, and office cabinets, elegantly guarding the treasures for users, truly solving troubles and embarrassments, and creating more happiness for every family. Years of R&D, design and production experience tell us that a good product requires a simple user experience, not only simple, but also simple to install. The lock has a simple installation design. It can be installed in 5 minutes with only a screwdriver, which is very convenient. We promise you, quality assurance, after-sales assurance! Regarding product issues, our after-sales staff will provide you with assistance as soon as possible. If necessary, go to www.wellhw.com immediately.


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