What brand of lock is better? Where can there be wholesale locks that can be customized?

What brand of lock is better? Where can there be wholesale locks that can be customized?

What brand of lock is better? Where can there be wholesale locks that can be customized?

As the heart of the safety door, locks are divided into ordinary mechanical locks and fully automatic smart locks in consideration of safety and ease of use. In the era of constant renewal and advancement, our door locks have moved from wood to copper and iron, and from door bolts to various anti-theft locks. So what brand of lock is the best? I recommend a company’s lock to you today, it’s really good!

Well Hard Ware: www.wellhw.com

Well Hard Ware is a professional company established in 1998 with 20 years of lock making experience. There are various styles and varieties of locks, including cam locks, metal furniture locks, drawer locks, electronic locks, etc., as long as they are available on the market. They have all the furniture locks on them. The quality is also very good. After they have been in business for so long, they have won many scientific and technological awards, which has promoted the technological development of furniture locks.

They focus on manufacturing high-quality furniture locks and always believe that quality is the life of the factory. They provide services to more than 60 customers from different regions. There is no need to worry about the after-sales service, there is a warranty. The packaging can also be customized by yourself, and the logo can be made according to your own ideas.

Since its establishment, Well Hard Ware has been operating with integrity and has a high-quality and high-reputation brand and has many returning customers. An old customer Harry who has been cooperating for 20 years said: “I am very happy that I met such a conscientious seller factory at the beginning of my business. It is really helpful. I am engaged in the wholesale distribution of furniture and cabinets with a passion. In fact, To be honest, I am also very worried. I personally went to their local factory to check and found that their work process and quality specifications are very standard and standardized. Only then did I feel relieved to give them the money to order the product. Sure enough, After I got this batch of goods, the sales were very good, and the user feedback was also good. Of course, this is related to my own pursuit of high-quality ideas, and my own cabinets are also very particular. Meeting them is indeed very consistent. My original intention is that their philosophy is similar to mine, quality first, customer first. We have a common philosophy, so we have cooperated to this day, and my boss and I have become friends. He has a good character and speaks. The person who does it can deliver the goods on time without scheming. He sincerely cooperates with me. In terms of materials, they are all high-quality and do not fake. The boss said that if we make the locks, they will be fake and cannot protect customers. The property of our own company is also difficult to protect.”

The company’s reputation is good. Integrity management is people-oriented. Since its establishment, it has been steadily steadily based on the belief of integrity management and people-oriented, with independent and strong R&D capabilities, design capabilities, professional and exquisite craftsmanship and a good service management system. Always focus on the field of health and environmental protection, constantly innovate engineering design technology, and improve engineering quality. They firmly believe that honest service is the high state of the enterprise, reform and innovation are the driving force of the enterprise, and quality and quantity are the foundation of the continued development of the enterprise. Taking honesty as the basic and technology as the guarantee, we sincerely serve every customer.

If you need a wholesale furniture lock, choose Well Hard Ware, it is correct. Don’t worry, the locks they make are safety locks. Use it with confidence. If you are still hesitating and don’t know which one to choose, then this is it! You can go to their official website: www.wellhw.com to have a look.


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