What kind of smart lock digital door lock is a security lock that is really worth buying?

What kind of smart lock digital door lock is a security lock that is really worth buying?


The emergence of smart locks has brought many conveniences to people’s lives. A variety of convenient unlocking methods allow people to experience the real conveniences of life. Every day, you only need to enter a password or enter your fingerprints to go home easily, never again. All the troubles caused by having to worry about bringing the key every day or forgetting to bring the key. Now almost all smart lock brands can integrate multiple unlocking methods. So, smart locks are just electronic locks with multiple unlocking methods? In addition to unlocking methods, what other functions can make smart locks KO traditional locks What?

First, high security
Traditional Class A locks can be opened in seconds, whether it is a master who posted an unlocking advertisement in the stairwell or a thief with ulterior motives, and there is no security at all. The security level of smart locks is generally C level or higher. Not only is the quality of the lock body excellent, it is anti-theft and anti-prying, it is difficult to unlock, and it also has an alarm function when it is violently unlocked, so the security is much higher than the traditional lock.

Although the previous “little black box” incident caused some consumers to worry about the safety of smart locks, what the “little black box” can open are small brand products without quality assurance, and smart lock products of big brands do not have to worry.

Take the WELL HARDWARE fingerprint lock as an example. The core technology and chip adopt imported Qualcomm and Swedish FPC chips to ensure that the product performance and user experience are the best in the industry. For many years, Colinsch Smart Lock has been committed to the industry’s best smart locks. Bring to every consumer who pursues a quality life. Facing the challenge of the “small black box”, Colin conducted on-site tests to verify the stability and safety of the product.

Second, the design is beautiful
NINGBO WELL HARDWARE smart lock has strong design, R&D and production capabilities, leading patented technology and unique design style, but WELL HARDWARE DIGITAL TOUCH PAD LOCKER LOCK does not follow the old fashioned way, and strives for continuous innovation. It regularly introduces popular trends in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and closely connects with the world’s top trends. The lock technology and appearance are based on China and have a global perspective. Let every consumer who chooses WELL HARDWARE smart locks enjoy MODERN DESIGN DIGITAL  LOCKER LOCK products with both smart technology and visual beauty without leaving home.

The company takes “the research and development of high-performance security smart locks” as the core, and its major series of products take the R&D concepts of intelligence, humanization, and modularity, and at the same time adopt diversified methods in appearance to continuously satisfy the public’s personalization and customization Demand for products.


Third, it is more convenient to use
NINGBO WELL HARDWARE smart lock has developed more than 12 unlocking methods, fingerprints, passwords, remote, bank cards, ID cards, magnetic cards, keys, temporary passwords, mobile phones, NFC, etc., which are the most in the industry. Various accessories can be provided, special function can be customized ,For example, the remote unlocking function allows you to open the door for guests who visit you thousands of miles away. You can also set a temporary password, so that people who visit you can use the temporary password to open the door during the time period you set, for example, from 9 to 9:15, and it will be invalid after this time period. This function is more convenient. If you have a visitor, you won’t be able to make it to you in a while. You can’t let the guest wait outside the door all the time. It’s impolite! Open the lock remotely and let the guest feel your meticulous care. .


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