Your products, let me talk about it today!

Your products, let me talk about it today!

Your products, let me talk about it today!

—An email to Well Hard Ware

Well Hard Ware:

You may not be able to imagine the mood I am writing to you. A very bad thing happened to me in January, which made me lose a lot! Fortunately, I got your product.

I am a black wine merchant who owns a lot of Tibetan wine. I don’t know if you still remember the one I was very anxious to call you to order locks. In January, I encountered a thief, and a lot of precious wines were stolen overnight. They didn’t break my lock much, or opened my cabinet with a slight damage. I store these precious properties in California. Maybe it was because many security measures were not taken when I first came to this place, so I hurriedly put them there. I was targeted by thieves, and I was stolen the next day after moving the wine to California. Although I only moved part of it, it was a loss of no more, no less.

The police came to the scene and they helped me investigate the scene. The result of the investigation was that the locks of my batch of cabinets were not very good, and the quality was average, and the lock cores inside were easy to be cracked. They said they would continue to pursue the thief. My best friend came to California immediately when he heard about it, and he comforted me. Under his introduction, I got to know your company. He said that the locks you produce are very good and the quality is pretty good. I suggest that I buy it and find a worker to install it. Of course, I must do a good job of safety this time.

I browsed your products on official website and found that the locks are quite complete, almost all locks are available. I called you very anxiously and asked about the price and quality of the lock. The customer service answered my questions patiently. After communicating with your staff, my heart gradually became firm in my choice. I ordered a batch of locks the next day and installed them in my display cabinet, my door locks and so on.

When I got this batch of locks, I found that these locks are indeed very delicate, and they feel very smooth and won’t cut hands. It is also quite heavy to grasp. After trying several times on the installation, the quality is quite good, it will not jam, and it is very difficult to damage without mechanized tools. I also purchased monitors and alarms for this security work.

Sure enough, the thieves who weren’t caught visited my store again two months later. They used hydraulic pliers to cut the iron chain that I used to lock the door, but luckily they couldn’t open the cabinet after entering because of these locks. The lock was no longer as bad as the last time. When they tried to break the lock, I was discovered by my alarm and monitoring. I immediately notified the police and took them back.

So I am very grateful to be able to use such a good quality lock, which protects my property and safety. I also recognize your locks. It is your excellent quality that protects my wine. If it were not for you, I think I might lose more!

Your product must let me talk about it! Well Hard Ware company I admit that you are really professional!






Dear Black customer:

I am very happy to solve your troubles. This incident also proves the strength of our company. The locks are indeed of excellent quality! If you think it works well, if your friends around you need it, you can recommend our official website, thank you very much! We will also give us the best service and products, and finally I wish you happiness and health.


Well Hard Ware



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Glass showcase lock

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