Month: November 2020

How To Install Cam Lock

The installation method of the blade cam lock is also very simple. Pay attention to some details in how simple it is. The blade cam lock is a simple anti-theft

cam lock parts

Knowledge of cam lock

When buying a cam lock, many people will ask if the cam lock is difficult to open, should I add some oil? In fact, it is not used. The cam

How to install the door lock?

1. Pay special attention when installing the spherical door lock. Only the end with the insurance can be removed before installation. Never remove the end with the key for installation.

How to maintenance of door locks

Use and maintenance of door locks: 1. Never add oil to the lock core. If the key is not flexible to open, put some pencil core scraps into the key

Lock knowledge

1. Features     Nowadays, there are many kinds of locks on the market. As far as door locks are concerned, they are classified into door locks, bedroom locks, passage

How to choose a good drawer lock

Drawer lock is a kind of lock that can lock drawers. It is widely used in life. At present, there are many drawer locks on the market, and the quality