Are Wafer Locks Suitable for File Cabinets in the Smart Lock Era?

Are Wafer Locks Suitable for File Cabinets in the Smart Lock Era?

As a common office furniture, filing cabinets play an important role in the office. In some units and enterprises, many important documents and articles will be placed in filing cabinets. In order to preserve the archives better, the filing cabinet lock should be used. File cabinet lock can prevent dust, fire and insects, making archives stored for a long time. What’s more, the lock ensures the safety of the filing cabinet and prevents the files from being stolen. Thewafer lock is a kind of lock commonly used in filing cabinets.

Nowadays, with the development of intelligent technology, locks used in file cabinets are no longer limited to key locks. Intelligent electronic locks, safe and convenient, are widely used in filing cabinets. Therefore, some believe that the traditional mechanical lock (e.g. the wafer lock) no longer lend itself well to filing cabinets. For one thing, the safety of wafer locks is not enough to meet the needs of filing cabinets; for another, the keys of wafer locks are easy to be lost, and many keys also bring troubles to archivists.

So, in the era of intelligent electronic lock, is the traditional mechanical lock really no longer suitable for filing cabinets? Of course, the answer is no. Taking the wafer lock as an example, there are several advantages of this lock used in the file cabinet:

First, the wafer lock has low cost, simple structure, installation and operation, and can be widely accepted by the public; Secondly, when the plug of the wafer lock is damaged, it can be easily replaced, and the maintenance cost is low; Thirdly, the lock has good stability and long service life, and the performance of the lock will not change due to environmental factors. Now, Make will introduce you to two small-sized wafer locks.

Well Hardware’s small-size wafer lock whw-137: the lock body is mini, and the wafers are shorter than the cams of the ordinary cam lock. It is equipped with a mini-key system, and the key is small, which will not affect the overall appearance of the filing cabinet. Locks are easy to install and low in price, especially suitable for compact file cabinets. This wafer lock is not only convenient to maintain but also low in cost. The surface of this lock is treated with bright chrome, enhancing its luster and texture. The surface of the lock is firm, wear-resistant and colorfast. It has a long service life and is safe for storing documents, and can be customized according to customer requirements.


Well Hardware‘s small-size wafer lock whw-138: It is a key lock, which is made from high-quality zinc alloy and the surface is treated with bright chromium and bright nickel; In addition to the advantages of convenient installation and low price, this lock is unique in that the key adopts double-sided milling teeth design, meaning the lock has low mutual opening rate and guaranteed securities. Moreover, smooth key insertion and removal create a good experience of opening the lock. Thus, the wafer lock whw-138 is a good choice for you!


In a nutshell, though smart locks are rampant in the current market of filing cabinet lock, and the living space of wafer locks is getting smaller and smaller, wafer locks has their merits. For some filing cabinets, wafer locks are still applicable. As a professional and well-known lock enterprise, Make will continue to stick to the mission of providing security, combine the market and customer needs, and constantly innovate to provide you with more and better quality locks with high safety!

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