Cam lock, a simple and common way to protect your things

Cam lock, a simple and common way to protect your things

Locks have been used for a long time, they are present practically everywhere we go, and even if they change their shape and structure, their function remains the same, that of creating a barrier between 2 points.

There are many types of locks, which implies a wide range of products to choose from, each factory can show its customers a huge catalog of lock types, which fit everyone’s individual needs.

But, there is one type of lock that is always present in the factories, because, although they are simple and have been used for many years, their operation is still in force as it is a successful way to protect your items, it is the cam lock.

What is a cam lock?

A cam lock is usually described as a mechanical device that works with a base and an elongated tab known as a cam. It is used for the purpose of locking some objects to safeguard their contents.

In other words, its function is exactly the same as those of many locks, but, due to its simplicity and effectiveness, this type of lock is still one of the locks that are in use in every factory.

How does the cam lock work?

Cam locks are very simple to use, and their mechanism is simpler than you can imagine. When you insert the key into the cylinder, the cam can be turned through 90 or 180°, locking the door when it enters the contact point.

As mentioned above, when factories create locks of this type, they can vary in shape. The cam can be just an elongated piece that is the one that comes into contact with the fixed point of the door.

But, there is another type, and it is the one in which this elongated piece has a sort of hook at its end, which crosses or rather hooks to another surface that has been arranged for this.

Locks of this type are not only easy to use, but also easy to install.

To place any type of lock, precision is the key, and is that you have to make them fit in the places they should, and that their cylinders or any other part, can really fit the space where it is, without compromising its operation.

But, if measuring is something you master with ease, then the installation is something much simpler. For the type of cam that has an elongated tongue, you need to make sure that it is long enough to reach the contact area and that it locks the door, and for the other style, that the hook fits where it should.

The cam locks are so simple to use, that when you insert the key you already know intuitively that you must turn it, once you do, the lock will automatically be locked or unlocked, as the case may be.

It is not a very complicated operation, it is very simple to understand, which is why its use has become very common in workplaces, stores, among others.

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