Cam lock, choose Well Hard Ware to improve it will be more high quality and low price!

Cam lock, choose Well Hard Ware to improve it will be more high quality and low price!

Cam lock, choose Well Hard Ware to improve it will be more high quality and low price!
As the patron saint of every household, the lock is an important and indispensable role. In order to protect their personal belongings, “locks” appeared at the end of primitive society.
Cam locks are one of the simplest, most economical and easy to install locks today. Choose the cam lock to  to purchase, and you will be satisfied.
Cam lock is a kind of hardware used to lock drawers, cabinets and other furniture. These locks consist of a base with a keyhole and a long tail or tongue called a cam. When the key is inserted into the base, the cam will rotate 180 to 90 degrees. This depends on how the lock is installed. The cam will be installed on the latch in one position. When moved to a different position, the cam lock will not be hit. The locking structure of the wheel lock is that there are eight locking blocks at the joints. After being opened, the heads of the unlocking levers during the two sections are opened, and the lower edge of the locking blocks is stuck in the groove on the inner wall of the other section of the tube.

Cam lock can be used in filing cabinets, tables, etc. It is a locking lever that can be used to lock doors, lockers, security boxes, windows, cabinets, drawers, filing cabinets and other cabinet doors. Office cam locks are usually used to hold clients or client file cabinets or drawers. This is a basic lock, and its use is very simple. Provide additional security for valuable items and information.
The cam locks produced by Well Hard Ware have a wide variety of cam locks, high quality, reasonable price, and a wide range of applications. The cam locks produced have entered thousands of households. Due to the principle of cam locks and the super quality of our company, the locks cannot be moved even with infinite force.

Cam locks can be used not only to lock drawers, cabinets and other hardware furniture. Small cam locks are used for small panels and other areas where space is expensive. Standard steel or brass finishes are used for indoor applications and weather-resistant materials such as galvanized or stainless steel can be used outdoors. These locks are operated using flat keys, round keys or even a combination mechanism. The flat key usually rotates in the lock to rotate the cam, while the tubular key may need to be pressed or turned. The combination mechanism allows users to operate the lock without using a key, which is more convenient for school lockers or some file cabinets.

Cam locks produced by Well Hard Ware are not so easy to be accessed by lock picking tools such as drilling and picking. High safety design, strong resistance. High quality and affordable price. Commonly produced blade cam locks can be opened with blades, but our blade cam locks are improved by the Well Hard Ware scientific research team, and their safety performance is higher than that of ordinary general blade cam locks. The same is true for tubular cam locks, which are improved by the same R&D team and are also very reliable. In combination with smart life, Well Hard Ware’s password cam lock can use a combination dial password, and the customer does not need to carry the key to use the password. Our locks are also very easy to install, and we also consider humanity, and try our best to achieve a win-win cooperation with customers and related personnel.

Please go to to buy cam locks. Our locks are of solid quality and cleverly designed and extremely safe. Give you a safe guard. We improve the locks of our predecessors, continue to test and improve the structure of the locks to improve the safety and difficulty of the locks. In terms of price, the improved production of cam locks is of good quality and low price, and the price is right, and you get what you pay for. To the extent of improving safety, the original purpose of the cam lock is also retained: economy! You are welcome to purchase.


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