Can the smart door lock be installed by myself?

Can the smart door lock be installed by myself?

You can install it yourself, but this possibility is relatively small. Regardless of whether you need a master installation, you need to know the following information!
Regarding smart door locks, in addition to paying attention to safety and intelligence, everyone is also very concerned about these two types of issues: Is the size of the door and the material of the door suitable for installing a smart door lock?

In fact, these two issues are equally important to the installer!
Because this will directly affect the time for the master to come to install.
Therefore, before installing smart door locks, tenants and landlords must cooperate with the installer to measure the following data.

1. People stand outside the door and determine the direction to open the door
2. Measure relevant dimensions and clarify the type of guide piece
The measurement of pre-sale door locks is divided into three parts, namely the length of the lock body, the width of the lock body and the thickness of the door. Please make sure that the measurement data is accurate to avoid rework by the installation master.

3. Identify the lock body

There are 4 common lock body specifications, national standard lock body 24*240/30*240, Wangli lock body 30*210, Xiaoshuai lock body 24*260/24*280, Bawang lock body 40*388/30*388.

First check the shape of the lock body, followed by the width and length, and the brand of the door. In fact, taking a picture and measuring the second point above can be solved.
The smart lock is also adapted to the conventional lock bodies on the market, and can be installed in most cases without the need to change the door.

At present, there are 13 types of door locks or more than 13 types (wood doors, iron doors, copper doors, composite doors and anti-theft doors) that are mainly suitable for installation, which meet the public requirements for installing door bodies. In addition to glass doors, it is compatible with European and Korean anti-theft doors. , It is true that changing the lock but not the door.

4. Be sure to drill a keyhole on the door
If you are installing a wooden door, the installer needs to open three wide and deep grooves on the wooden door. At the same time, you may need to drill holes. In order to connect the lock body, square steel and cables of the smart lock, the entire smart door lock is usually The installation process takes 2~3 hours.
However, if the doors themselves have keyholes, these steps can be omitted, and the old locks can be installed with new locks within 1 hour.
Please open the package before installation and confirm the contents of the box, front and rear panels, accessory pack, two IC cards, a pair of mechanical keys, lock body, buckle box, side strips, and 4 batteries by default.
5. Lock tongue reversal
Determine the direction of the bolt according to the direction of the door
The Internet of Things is currently receiving domestic attention. It is the basis of information security transmission and the core of smart homes. 5G NB-IoT can be used to achieve ID verification, seamless connection with local public security systems, and secure cloud and SaaS services on the PC side. Tenants provide security upgrades.

The smart door lock integrates an electronic doorbell, which saves the purchase cost of the doorbell, and the volume can be adjusted to avoid disturbing the neighbors and make it more humane.
The hand feels soft grease lubrication, large arc rounded corners, reduce the sharp corners around the lock plate, and avoid serious damage caused by bumps.

Regarding security: anti-cat eye unlocking, face recognition double verification, 5GNB-IoT 24 hours real-time online, anti-violent unlocking, none of them are left!
For example, the anti-cat eye unlock function, the door handle must be long pressed on the premise of the “button” before turning the handle and opening the door.

6. Install square steel
Each door lock has a square steel, which is mainly used to maintain the connection between the handle and the lock body, so that the downward pressure angle is synchronized.

If the length of the square steel is too long, it needs to be intercepted by a professional machine. The length of the square steel after interception = the thickness of the door + 2.5cm.
The battery pack is equipped with four batteries. Although the door lock has 8 battery slots, please note that the four batteries cannot be installed at will, and only four batteries can be installed side by side.
Or install 8 batteries, you can increase the use time.
Smart door locks use IoT technology to achieve 24-hour information transmission, which also includes battery information, so when the battery power is not enough, the mobile phone APP will receive a “door lock power is too low, please be in time Replace the battery” reminder message.
Even if there is no electricity, you can use the mechanical key + power bank to charge, both of which can realize the door lock in seconds.
Equipped with a C-level mechanical key, double row, computer, compound curve groove patent, the Ministry of Public Security certified anti-lock technology for 270 minutes.
On the Internet, there is a question about “a safe and convenient smart lock, why should I keep a spare key?”

Almost all smart locks on the market have keyholes, mainly to prevent smart locks from running out of power. In an emergency, using a mechanical key to unlock the lock is definitely safer than ordinary mechanical locks!
The answer is simple. The smart lock has a networking function. The information about the action of “who opened the mechanical lock” will be uploaded to the mobile phone APP bound to the door lock as soon as possible.
However, ordinary mechanical locks have no networking function at all, and it is almost impossible to know who opened your home lock when and when!
All smart locks have the function of smart security, and this is also its charm!
Generally, smart locks with mechanical locks are equipped with dry batteries. In this case, they can be plug and play.
However, a fully automatic smart lock does not have a mechanical lock. It takes half an hour to 1 hour to charge a lithium battery. Therefore, the mechanical key is mainly used to facilitate entry and improve the convenience and practicability of users.
The smart lock retains the operation of the mechanical key. On the other hand, it is to better pass the relevant national standards.
When installing, remember that the following is very important. Many residents who install themselves will ignore the spring in the installation package.
The spring mainly acts on the square steel and maintains a good connection with the handle. If there is no spring, the door cannot be opened outside.
7. Change the direction of the door handle
Twist the two screws in the red circle, and then turn the direction of the inner and outer handles of the door.
8. Install the heaven and earth hook

In summary, in addition to determining the size and material of the door, and whether it has a door hole, it is also necessary to inform the installer whether it is necessary to have a “world hook”.
Smart door locks include smart locks with heaven and earth hooks and smart locks without heaven and earth hooks.
Regarding the retention of Tiandi Hook, it can be retained or removed.
The heaven and earth hook is mainly strong in terms of anti-violence and lock picking, but in terms of anti-theft, the heaven and earth hook does not play a major role in the security of the smart door lock. If the main lock body can be opened, the heaven and earth hook will also be opened.
At the same time, the heaven and earth hook will also increase the failure rate of the door lock, and the damage rate of the main lock body is not easy to say, so the retention and removal of the heaven and earth hook can be at your discretion.

Precautions for fingerprint lock installation
In many cases, problems with fingerprint locks are caused by improper installation, so there are problems that need to be paid attention to during the installation process.
1) Because the opening method of the door is different, the hole position on the installation mold is also different, so you must first confirm the correctness before installation.
Exact location.
2) The direction of the front and rear body wires, sockets and plugs of the lock ensure that the connection is correct.
3) Before installation, determine the installation height. After attaching the installation die to the corresponding position, use a pencil to draw the position of the hole.
4) When drawing holes, the folding edge of the installation mold must be perpendicular to the door frame, otherwise the lock body will not be perpendicular to the door after installation.
5) Generally, the lock cylinder is required to be installed in the middle of the door thickness.
6) After opening the hole in the door frame, be sure to clean the sawdust or other foreign objects in the hole to prevent the debris from falling into the lock body when the door is opened and closed.



Can the smart door lock be installed by myself?

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