China Cam Lock Manufacturers Offer China Cam Locks You Want

China Cam Lock Manufacturers Offer China Cam Locks You Want

In the market, all kinds of locks are full of our eyes, each with its own advantages. Since there are a lot of them, customers don’t know how to choose them. Chinese cam locks are not only sold well in China, but also exported overseas. Chinese cam lock manufacturers have also sprung up. Locks in other countries in the world also have their own advantages.


When it comes to the development of locks, Chinese locks are the most historic. The earliest locks in the world were invented by the Chinese. At first, it was a wooden lock. It was discovered in the Yang Shao Cultural Site 5000 years ago. In the historical records of the Zhou Dynasty, there are records of locks and keys in warehouses. Early wooden locks were not as small and exquisite and versatile as the current locks. The earliest wooden locks were very simple in structure and bulky. Most of them used bamboo poles and wooden sticks as keys, which were very easy to open. But for the production level at that time, owning a wooden lock was already a very advanced invention.


As people’s demand for lock functions increases, wooden locks can no longer meet people’s needs. Because the wooden lock is not strong enough, it was later made of bronze, but its structure is very simple. During the Han Dynasty, the bronze lock was further developed. During this period, a copper reed structure lock appeared. The copper reed structure lock uses the elastic force of two or three plate-shaped copper plates to achieve closing and opening functions. It is a big step forward than wooden locks in terms of safety performance and confidentiality.


With the continuous progress and development of society, people’s demands for lock safety performance, confidentiality performance and functions are also increasing. Not only in China, but other countries in the world are also constantly innovating and developing locks. The ancient Romans made leaf locks. The British Daniel Porter invented the cam rotary lock, and the American Yell invented the bullet lock, which has become the most commonly used lock in the world. Britain developed a magnetic lock. Austria designed a magnetic coded lock. And Japan invented a magnetic lock with a disk rotation mechanism. With the continuous development of electronic technology, China and some other countries have successively developed new and multi-functional locks such as electronic card locks, electronic remote control locks, light control locks, voice control locks, and safety alarm locks.


The lock products of Well Hardware are just like the history of lock development, starting from a small company to the present company. Every existing lock product is an improvement over the previous lock product again and again. Well Hardware currently has a complete range of lock products, which can meet most of the customer’s requirements for locks. What you need is what our lock provides. The following are some of our company’s cam lock products.

Cylinder Lock With Long Bolt

Cylinder lock with dust shutter

Vending machine locks key locks

0620 Latch Lock Knobs

827 834 Cam Lock Emka Eurolocks

Pin Tumbler lock ILCO Keyway

7/8’’ Cam Lock U.S Mailbox Lock

103 16MM Mailbox Cam Lock Abs Nylon

401 Mailbox Cam Lock For South America

Pin Tumbler Mailbox Cam lock combo

What we want to emphasize this time is Vending machine locks key locks. If you are still worried about choosing which vending machine locks to buy, just visit our website:  One more choice, one more opportunity. Customers’ choice and trust are our greatest motivation to make good products.


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