China Cam Locks are Safe, and China Cam Lock Manufacturers are trustworthy

China Cam Locks are Safe, and China Cam Lock Manufacturers are trustworthy

When thinking of buying locks, the first consideration should be safety performance. With the continuous development of Chinese locks from ancient times to the present, China cam locks have also been continuously improved, and there has been a greater improvement in safety. The development of China cam locks came into being during the development of China’s locks. It is a need of people and a historical choice. It is also an inevitable choice for China cam lock manufacturers to comply with market requirements. People’s needs are diverse, which also brings about the continuous development of different types of cam locks. So how does the safety performance of Chinese locks improve step by step? Today we will take a look together.


If you like watching TV series, you may often see different locks in Chinese costume dramas.The locks look so crude that the characters in the TV series sometimes use a hairpin to open them. Is this a false depiction on the TV series or is this actually the case?Are ancient Chinese locks safe after all?How have its safety features evolved over time?


Let’s start with the structural analysis of traditional Chinese locks.Take the Ming and Qing Dynasties, when traditional locks were mature, as an example.According to the differences in structure and principle, traditional Chinese locks can be roughly divided into three categories: wood locks, combination locks and reed locks.


A wooden lock is a variant of the latch used to lock doors. Its principle is similar to that of a pin lock in the West.A latch is a bar placed inside a door. People move the bar to close the door or window.However, the latch can only be operated on the inside of the door, and people can not lock the door when they go out. Therefore, the ancient Chinese invented the wooden lock.


The traditional Chinese combination lock consists of a lock body, a lock bolt and a wheel.The lock body has a rotating shaft, which can make the wheel rotate and guide the slide of the lock bolt.One part of the lock bolt is the lock beam, the other part is the bolt stem, which is arranged with irregular size of the block convex.There are generally 3 to 7 wheels of uniform shape and size, the surface is engraved with words or numbers, the inner wheels have convex grooves corresponding to the concave grooves on the pegs.


In ancient China, the reed lock was most widely applied. It first appeared in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. It tended to be perfect in the Han Dynasty and was widely used in later generations.In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people called it “Guangsuo”, and because of its abundant production in Shaoxing, it was called “Shaosuo”.The reed lock consists of two parts: the lock shell, the lock core and the lock beam.The lock shell is generally in a concave shape, and the lock core is a metal column with reeds welded on the outside of the metal column. The simplest two reeds are in a shape with the metal column.


On the basis of the development of the original Chinese lock, Chinese CAM lock manufacturers have continuously improved and developed the safety performance of the CAM lock.Well Hardware is one of the manufacturers of locks in China. With all kinds of locks and high safety performance, you can’t miss the choice of Well Hardware. Although we seem to be insignificant in the vast international lock manufacturing market,we care about the immediate needs of our customers and want to know more about their needs. If you have a demand for cam locks, we will recommend the most suitable lock for you according to your needs.


Our company established since 1998, we focused on making high quality furniture locks. After 20 years development, now we have become one of the major furniture lock supplier in our country. We believe that quality is the life of a Manufacturer. From molding to the final packing, we strictly follow our rules to make sure our product have the same quality. Now we serve over 60 clients from different regions.


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