Choosing a good cam lock, why can you say that you have hired a bodyguard?

Choosing a good cam lock, why can you say that you have hired a bodyguard?

Choosing a good cam lock, why can you say that you have hired a bodyguard?

The purpose of locks is to protect property and personal safety. Because of this, the safety of locks is closely related to personal interests. According to the survey results of the factors considered by consumers when buying locks, 90% of consumers value the safety and reliability of locks. And sometimes hesitate to spend a little more money to buy a good lock to protect your property.

Choosing a good cam lock, why can you say that you have hired a bodyguard?

As we all know, the most important job of a bodyguard is to protect the personal safety and property safety of the employer. heavy responsibility. The cam lock produced by Well Hard Ware is also a well-deserved chief bodyguard, an ancient guard. To be honest, unbiased, our company is no different from other locks on the market, but we use standard materials, standard specifications, and standard quality to produce. Our company pays great attention to the security that consumers care about, and further strengthens it, in the true sense that the lock produced by Well Hard Ware is the protector of people’s privacy. Our official website is, I hope you can find the lock you want here. We specialize in making locks, not only cam locks.

Since ancient times, the offense and defense of locks has never stopped. There have been records of thieves picking locks since ancient times. With the development of locks, various unlocking tools have been constantly innovating, from the simplest single hook to the later tin foil and soft and hard opening. Tools, there are different unlocking tools for different locks. The idea of ​​attacking locks is actually the same as that of traditional attacks. In traditional security, there is a recognized principle that all external inputs are harmful, and the more secure The system is more closed. The idea of ​​attack is to find the input point. The same is true for the lock cracking. Through the exposed keyhole, lock cylinder, lock body, button, etc., find all the points that can be input, combined with specific tools, Reset the marbles or flip the lock body to achieve the purpose of cracking. With the emergence of smart locks, the attack surface of the lock also expands, and more security risks are faced. The lock core anti-technical opening time is not up to standard, and there are certain design and material selection defects, which lead to technical opening in a short time; some locks have structural weaknesses after installation, directly exposing the lock spring or lock body structure The weak point of the lock body can even be toggled externally. These are inferior locks.

Choose a good cam lock or other types of locks, you can find what you want in Well Hard Ware. We promise to make standard locks and high-quality locks to ensure customer satisfaction. “Introduce the old and bring forth the new, innovate the old” is the purpose of our company’s continuous progress. We have the following products for you to choose from in terms of cam locks:

T Handle Cam Lock

Cabinet Cam Lock

Cabinet Cam Lock

Plane Lock

EUROBOX Cabinet Lock

File Cabinet Cam Lock

File Cabinet Cam Lock

Square Cabinet Cam Lock

Keyed Cabinet Cam Lock High Security

Keyed Hasp Lock

Of course we not only do cam locks, we also do all kinds of locks. Such as smart locks, door handle locks and so on. We are a professional lock company. Since we have to buy locks, why not consider us? Our products are of good quality and the price is also negotiated. If you have an idea, please come to our official website to buy it! There is also patient customer service to communicate with you and solve your questions. Come and have a look at



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