Difference Solutions on Removing A Door Handle

Difference Solutions on Removing A Door Handle

Do you want to know how to remove door handle with lock? This article will take you through that. Removing a door handle with a lock is a step-by-step process that anyone can easily carry out without difficulties. This process requires the right, efficient tools and instructions clearly followed for it to be completed efficiently. There are various types of door locks, such as knob door locks, cylinder door locks, and mortise locks. This article will critically outline the steps to be carried out in efficiently removing door handles with a different type of locks.

Removing a door handle with a knob door lock

The tools needed for this process are a flathead screwdriver and a Philips head screwdriver.


Removing door knob with visible screws

The person must follow four steps to remove the door handle with such a lock. The first step includes removing the screws using the Philips head screwdriver and screwing the visible screws, which are normally two. The second step is removing the doorknobs. The exterior and interior knobs are easily removed. The third step is unscrewing the face plate, which has two screws, using a Philips head screwdriver. Lastly, the latch is removed by simply grabbing the latch and pulling it out easily.


Removing a door handle with a cylinder lock

The tools required in removing the door lock with cylinder lock include the flat head screwdriver, Allen wretch, and Philips head screwdriver.


Steps carried out


The first step is removing the screws visible from the door’s interior by using a Philips screwdriver. These screws hold the door and lock together. After the screws are removed, the spindle is removed. The lock’s spindle is turned using a flathead screwdriver in an anti-clockwise direction until it stops. After the spindle stops turning, find the square tab within the spindle. Use the flash head screwdriver to push the tab holding the spindle into its place, and it will pop out. Finally, take the cylinder out. Since the spindle has been removed, you can access the lock’s housing, so by carefully looking inside the housing, you will locate a small tab that releases the cylinder. Using the Allen wrench, push the cylinder till it pops out or slides.


Removing a door handle with Mortise lock

The tools required in removing a mortise lock are a flathead screwdriver, hammer, and Philips head screwdriver.


The steps followed are:


  • First, locate and unscrew the set screw. The screw is usually located on the shank inside the knob.
  • After unscrewing the screw, unscrew the two door handles, which tend to be screwed into one another via the spindle.
  • The third step will be removing the rose plates left behind on the door by using a Philips head screwdriver.
  • After the rose plates are removed, remove the face plate by unscrewing the bottom and bottom screws on the face plate using a Philips head screwdriver.
  • Finally, the mortise lock is removed. This process is done by grabbing the latch bolt and pulling the mortise lockout, which will come out after a few pulls.
  • If it doesn’t come out, use a flathead screwdriver to pry it out by inserting the screwdriver into the position of the spindle.
  • Take the hammer and, for a few minutes, tap it in the direction of the strike.



Conclusively, the steps of removing a door handle with various types of lock, such as knob door lock, cylinder door lock, and mortise lock, are essential to any homeowner.

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