What is an RFID lock? How does RFID lock work normally

What is an RFID lock? How does RFID lock work normally

Reliability and stability
Safety and reliability are the basic requirements for intelligent systems and are the main goals pursued in the design of integrated engineering design for weak current systems. Reliability and stability must be fully considered in system equipment selection, network design, and software design. In terms of design, fault-tolerant design and development calculation structure should be adopted. In terms of equipment selection, it is necessary to ensure software and hardware compatibility to ensure system stability.
The overall scheme of the project and the scheme of each subsystem will ensure that it has obvious advanced features. Taking into account the rapid development of electronics and information technology, this design will be moderately advanced in technology. The equipment, products and software used are not only mature but also representative of the current industry-leading technology level. So that the system can adapt to social development as long as possible.
Rationality and economy
While ensuring the advanced nature, the engineering design is carried out with the goal of improving work efficiency, saving manpower and various resources, fully considering the practicality and benefits of the system, and striving to obtain the greatest return on investment.
The design and implementation of this system will be carried out in accordance with relevant national and local standards. The system methods and software we choose will conform to industry standards or mainstream models as much as possible.
Easy maintenance
Maintainability is an important factor in the success of today’s application systems. It contains two meanings: easy troubleshooting of faults and simple daily management operations. The design of this scheme makes the system structured and modular, which is extremely easy to maintain and system.
The design of this scheme is to consider the needs of future development. The overall structure of the system is structured, with good compatibility and scalability. It can not only integrate the equipment products of different manufacturers in one system, but also enable the system to be integrated in one system. It can be easily expanded in the future, and the equipment products of other manufacturers can be expanded, which fully protects the original investment and has a higher comprehensive performance-to-price ratio.
Nowadays, RFID access control systems can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. In recent years, the application requirements of high-level important access control systems such as important national departments, financial institutions, and military units have shown a growing trend. Due to the serious security loopholes in the currently widely used RFID access control system, the National Cryptography Administration issued the “Regarding Please Help to Make IC Card System Passwords” in accordance with the spirit of the 273rd document in 1998 and national security needs. “Letter of Management Work”, the “Notice on Strengthening the Password Management of the IC Card System” and other documents were issued to the password management departments of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). In April 2009, the “Key Access Control System Password Application Guide” put forward specific requirements for the transformation and upgrade of important RFID electronic access control systems that have been built, and the security of new important RFID access control systems, and provided related password application methods to meet the security requirements , Method guide. Therefore, incorporating the SM1 national secret algorithm into the access control system undoubtedly provides an important guarantee for the security of the access control application.
The access control electric lock uses the principle of electricity generation and magnetism. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will produce a strong suction force and tightly attract the iron plate to lock the door.
The access control system is mainly composed of three layers: management system, controller, and card reader host. The management system is responsible for personnel management, authorization, data collection, statistics, analysis, etc. The cardholder quickly shakes the card in the sensor area of ​​the reader, the reader can sense the card and send the information (card number) in the card to the host, the host checks the validity of the card, and then decides whether to open the door. The access control system can work online or offline. When working online, the card data can be uploaded to the system in real time for monitoring and query. When working offline, save the card data locally, and upload the data to the computer for processing after connecting to the network.


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