Glass Cabinet Lock and Cam Lock System: Advantages and Improvements for Safety

Glass Cabinet Lock and Cam Lock System: Advantages and Improvements for Safety

Witnessing a spurt of incidents does send out some panic attacks, especially in terms of security of belongings. However, modern upgrades of lock systems and features allay that fear of breaches, thievery, etc. Let’s look into the reliable glass cabinet lock and cam lock system advantages and improvements in mechanism.

Showcase door lock or sliding door lock or furniture lock – glass cabinet lock are widely used for its convenient screw-mounted design, precise positioning and robust features. Modern productions come with Alloy Die Cast Housing and Cylinder with steel sliding. With rotation angle 90 degree CW and over 200 key combinations or key codes, it assures of good security detail.

Since the aesthetic nature of glass cabinets, furniture, glass doors, etc. advocates the need of subtle elements for locking systems that either don’t cause an unnecessary distraction or affects the safety, glass cabinet locks offer a perfect solution for those requisites. Single cylinder will accept external lock key whereas double cylinder requires both external & internal lock key. With profound features and customizations available, one can discover various lock systems for this purpose.

With a critical mechanism, cam lock systems offer convenient security to your essential valuables and other security items from thefts or burglary. In this mechanism, the cam works as a lever and functions when the key is inserted into the base. Basically, it’s selected for drawers, boxes, cabinets, lockers, etc.

Combination lock systems in one of the varieties of drawer lock have also been widely popular these days. However, we recommend you choose locking systems based on your requirements and not by evaluating subtle features or comparisons.

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