Glass Cabinet Lock for Showpiece Security – Optimal Safety for Commercial Places

Glass Cabinet Lock for Showpiece Security – Optimal Safety for Commercial Places

Jewelry, watches or display showpieces in the glass displays need optimum quality security. Modern glass cabinet lock systems made of reliable quality materials like Zinc Alloy and premium aesthetic value offer a solid showcase feature for commercial stores, offices, etc.

Office furniture, showpiece or item display, etc. have something in common – sliding glass doors. While in offices or stores, regular staff slides these doors to show an item to an interested customer, no one doubts any safety issue here. However, instances of random strangers sliding those doors to shoplift an item have been common. Though cameras can capture the footage, it rarely catches hold of the culprit.

Sliding Glass Door Lock systems pledge a better security solution. Made of high-quality Zinc Alloy and premium finished chrome plating, glass cabinet lock systems from Well Hardware serve exactly the purpose with about 250 key codes or combinations. Their keys are available in steel, zinc alloy, brass and metal key options with plastic cover. The screw mounted sliding glass door lock are easy to install and cost-effective.

Customized Showcase Glass Door Lock systems offer the same features of protection in various applications like drawer, cabinets and steel office furniture. Cabinet systems that require ideal protection have a reliable solution in glass cabinet locks.

While we reiterate the same purposes of Furniture Showcase Lock with respect to home or office usage, one can also focus on various locks for different purposes. Be it cam lock or glass cabinet lock, Well Hardware ensures the top-notch standards of lock systems for a relevant variety of applications.

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