How Does A File Cabinet Lock Work

How Does A File Cabinet Lock Work

A file cabinet is a piece of furniture that has drawers where documents are stored. The key to a file cabinet is used to lock or unlock the drawers, which are then locked with a padlock. The cabinet keeps documents safe from unauthorized access. In this post, we will show you how does a file cabinet lock work. cabinet lock

How Does File Cabinet Lock Work

1. Pull the handle to lock the file cabinet

The handle is the part that is pulled to lock the file cabinet. It is attached to a rod, which connects to the latch in the cabinet’s bottom drawer and pulls it down, securing the drawers.

2. Lift up to unlock and open the cabinet

When you want to unlock and open a file cabinet you simply lift up on the handle until it lifts up and moves out of place of the rod. This allows you to pull out each drawer until you find what you are looking for.

3. The key unlocks or locks each drawer

There are small holes in each of the file cabinets’ drawers that allow a key to slide into them. Each key has a different shape that allows it to fit into the correct hole. To lock the drawers, place the key in the hole and turn it until it is secured. It prevents someone from easily taking documents out of the file cabinet.

4. Slide the keys into their slots

To unlock a file cabinet, each keyhole needs to have a key placed in it from behind. The keys should be slid into their respective holes with ease so you can pull them out at any time if needed.

5. Use your fingers to slide open each drawer of the cabinet

There is a small notch on each keyhole that allows fingers to slide into the holes. This allows you to pull out each drawer of a file cabinet with ease. Be sure not to make too much of a dent in the top of the drawer when you remove it.

6. Use your key to lock or unlock the cabinet again

If you were interested in closing or locking your file cabinet, place your new key into the correct hole and turn it until it locks or unlocks from either side. It will then be secured once again at least for another day and night if you need to close up for sleep.

7. Slide the cabinet back into place

If you have to move, it is very easy to slide the file cabinet back against the wall or in a corner of a room. Be sure to remove all keys before doing this.

8. Remove the key and place it on your keychain

The last step is to remove each of your keys from the file cabinet and then place them on your keychain. This keeps them together so they do not get lost while you are not using them, but they are easily accessible when needed just like any other house key that you may already have on your keychain. You May Like: How To Pick A Cabinet Lock


The file cabinet is a fairly simple piece of furniture that keeps your documents safe from visitors. It does not take much to learn how to use a file cabinet properly, just a little time and some practice. It is one of the most common pieces of furniture that is used in almost every house, whether it is for home or business purposes.
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