How stable is the smart fingerprint lock?

How stable is the smart fingerprint lock?

The reason why smart locks have become popular is that smart locks are more secure than other mechanical locks, code locks, and induction locks, are not reproducible, have strong memory, can be opened in public, are highly portable, never lose, and are anti-theft. Strong sex. In addition, smart locks are affordable, and the security and convenience value that they bring far exceed the price, which is a symbol of smart locks that have become a high-quality life.
Stability is one of the important indicators for the purchase of fingerprint password locks. Generally, fingerprint password locks will slowly stabilize after more than one year of actual use. After so many years of development, the stability of fingerprint locks is now good, but no manufacturer can guarantee absolute stability. Consumers are best to choose manufacturers that are mainly engaged in the production of fingerprint door locks. Such companies generally have better production experience, and research and development experience is the best stability factor. At the same time, the service and after-sales service of the merchant are also very important.
In theory, one more function means one more program, and the product is more likely to be damaged. But this is a comparison between manufacturers with the same technical strength. If the technical strength is high, then their products can be completed with more functions and better quality than those with poor technical strength.
2. The more critical point is: the comparison of the benefits of multiple functions and the risks brought by the functions. If the benefits of the function are great, then it can be said that this increase is worthwhile, just as if you drive a speed limit of 100 yards, you need to pay the price of violation or accident if you step on the accelerator. If this feature does not bring you any benefits, then this feature is redundant. So the key is not to consider “one more function, one more risk” but the value of this risk is not worth bearing.
3. Just like the networking function, on the one hand, the stability of fingerprints in the network transmission process is still uncertain in the industry. On the other hand, it must destroy the existing decoration. More importantly, once it is invaded by a virus, there will be no “medicine” to cure. . Once connected to the network, the possibility of being attacked will greatly increase. For security technologies such as telephone alarms, relevant equipment must be installed separately, and there are problems with indoor radiation and false alarms. Especially the latter, due to the influence of external factors such as technology and environment other than the fingerprint lock itself
1. According to the anti-theft performance, popular fingerprint locks are divided into two types: ordinary fingerprint locks and anti-theft fingerprint locks. Ordinary fingerprint locks are not much different from the original electronic locks. They are mainly used for fingerprint authentication, but they are not universally used for existing domestic security doors. This type of fingerprint lock does not have the hooks of the sky and earth rods, and cannot use the security system for security doors (on the market). Some imported fingerprint locks do not meet national industry standards and can only be used for wooden doors).
2. The fingerprint anti-theft lock has better security and can be applied to standard anti-theft doors and wooden doors. This type of lock can automatically or semi-automatically connect the heaven and earth lock system of the anti-theft door without affecting the performance of the original anti-theft door.
3. The anti-theft performance is different, the market price is also very different. The price of fingerprint locks with mechanical anti-theft function is obviously higher than that of ordinary fingerprint locks without the anti-theft function. Therefore, when consumers buy fingerprint locks, they must first choose the corresponding lock according to your door. Generally choose fingerprint lock according to the requirements of use
4. Different fingerprint locks should be used, and anti-theft fingerprint locks should be used for home use. This has lower requirements on the door, no modification, and convenient after-sales maintenance. Engineering fingerprint locks are generally purchased in batches, and door manufacturers can be required to provide matching doors that meet the product installation direction. Therefore, there is no problem of modification. It is just that there will be some trouble in the follow-up maintenance or replacement of ordinary anti-theft locks, and there may be problems that do not match the new locks. Condition. Generally, the most direct way to distinguish whether a fingerprint lock is an engineering fingerprint lock or a household fingerprint lock is to see whether the length and width of the rectangular lock body (guide plate) under the door cabinet bolt is 24X240mm (the main specification), a few are 24X260mm, 24X280mm, 30X240mm, the distance from the center of the handle to the edge of the door is generally about 60mm. Simply put, it is universal to install general anti-theft doors directly without moving holes.
The main function
The functions of the fingerprint lock: fingerprint unlock, password unlock, card unlock, emergency key unlock, and nowadays, the method of opening with WeChat has been added, allowing consumers to trust and choose fingerprint locks more. Many manufacturers integrate dozens of functions such as doorbell, voice prompt, networking, and telephone alarm on their products. At first glance, users seem to have a lot of functions, which seems to save other unnecessary costs and may be tempted. Personally think this is an irresponsible design of the manufacturer, and the main function of the fingerprint lock is safety and convenience. In addition to the door opening function, the fingerprint lock generally has the function of adding, deleting and clearing fingerprints. The high-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with a human-machine dialogue system such as an LCD touch screen, which has a high level of intelligence, relatively convenient operation and can provide operation guidance and query Use records and built-in parameters, setting status and other functions. The fingerprint management functions are: adding fingerprints, deleting fingerprints, clearing fingerprints, setting system parameters and many other functions, while ordinary users only have the function of opening the door.
Power supply
There are generally two power supply methods for fingerprint locks. One uses 4 AA alkaline batteries, which can generally last for about a year; the other uses two sets of circuit systems, two sets of 4 AA batteries, and one circuit for fingerprints. A set of cipher circuits usually takes about one and a half years. (The details vary depending on the function, power consumption design, number of uses, etc.). The anti-theft fingerprint lock produced according to industry standards should be equipped with an emergency power supply interface, which can be externally powered by a 9V laminated battery.


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