How to choose a fingerprint lock? Is security reliable?

How to choose a fingerprint lock? Is security reliable?

Fingerprint locks are the most popular smart home appliances in recent years. Compared with traditional locks, fingerprint locks have many advantages, such as stylish appearance, technological sense, convenient and worry-free use, and no need to bring keys when you go out. Fingerprint locks should actually be called smart locks. This kind of lock adds a motor to the traditional mechanical lock. After the motor receives the command, it drives the clutch to open the bolt.
There are fingerprints, passwords, magnetic cards, Bluetooth, and face recognition for the motor to receive instructions. Fingerprint recognition is the most convenient, so it is called a fingerprint lock.
The genuine fingerprint locks currently on the market have a spare key unlocking function.
1. Choose the right lock cylinder.
No matter how smart the fingerprint lock is, its function is also anti-theft, and the anti-theft of the lock is the core of the lock.
At present, there are three levels of lock cylinders: A, B, and C. The C-level lock is difficult to crack, the B-level lock is the second, and the A-level lock is the worst. It is recommended to choose the C-level lock cylinder. Core level.
Here is a little bit about the real mortise and the fake mortise. The real mortise means that the lock core penetrates the lock body and the key hole is on the panel; the key hole of the fake mortise is at the bottom of the fingerprint lock, and the lock core does not penetrate the lock body.
There is a view that the fake ferrule is inferior to theft. The reason is that its lock core does not penetrate the lock body. If the panel is pried open, the anti-theft ability will be lost. This reason sounds reasonable, but in fact, some businesses are exaggerating for publicity.
The real and fake ferrules are just different in design concept. The fake ferrules hide the keyhole to make the appearance better, and the anti-theft ability is not affected.
Because the internal and external parts of the fingerprint lock are integrated after installation, the removal of the external panel can only be cracked by brute force, but what is the difference between true and false ferrules when it is really brute force cracked?
In the words of the master unlocker, as long as the time and method are not limited, the bank vault can be opened!
So which kind of ferrule to choose depends on personal preference of the most appearance design, rather than hearsay!
2. The choice of fingerprint head.
The fingerprint head is the key to fingerprint unlocking, currently divided into two types: optical fingerprint collection and semiconductor fingerprint collection.
The optical collection fingerprint lock uses light reflection to record fingerprints, and then uses algorithms to identify them, similar to fingerprint punching machines.
Its shortcomings are slow recognition speed, low fingerprint recognition rate when dirty fingers, and shallow fingerprints. In addition, the recognition of fake fingerprints is not accurate enough; the advantages are good durability, long life and relatively cheap price.
The semiconductor fingerprint lock uses the principles of capacitance, electric field, temperature, and pressure to collect fingerprint images. The unlocking before the iphone is of this type.
Its advantage is that it completely eliminates fake fingerprints, and it can be unlocked even if the fingers are dirty; the disadvantage is that the sensitivity of the collection will decrease after a long time of use, and the price is relatively higher.
I suggest choosing a semiconductor fingerprint lock. The experience will be very good. Don’t worry about the sensitivity attenuation. Now the manufacturer has optimized the surface material, and the wear resistance has been greatly improved.

3. Choice of push-pull and push-type.
When you check the fingerprint lock products on the e-commerce website, you will find that the appearance of the fingerprint lock is quite different. The biggest difference is the handle. The fingerprint lock with the handle is called the push type, and the fingerprint lock without the handle is called the push-pull type.
The push type is our traditional door opening method. After unlocking, press the handle to open. The unlocking here refers to the combination of the motor-driven clutch and the lock tongue. The force that drives the lock tongue comes from the pressure of the hand, which will drive the heaven and earth hook while pressing. ;
The push-pull type completely relies on the internal motor to drive the bolt. The push-pull force only drives the smallest bolt. Because the driving force is not enough to drive the heaven and earth hook, most push-pull types do not support the heaven and earth hook. But thanks to the motor-driven bolt, it can be fully automatic, opening and closing the door immediately, and fully automatic locking. Please note that fully automatic is very power-consuming!
Generally speaking, the push-pull type and the push-pull type have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose according to personal preference.
Some users worry that it is not safe without the heaven and earth hook. In fact, it has no effect, because the heaven and earth hook is attached to the lock cylinder. It is useless if the lock cylinder destroys the heaven and earth hook during theft. Moreover, the heaven and earth hook is easy to lock in some cases. He was locked up by Tiandi Hook once.

The structure of the fingerprint lock is composed of three parts: mechanical and physical structure part, panel, lock body, lock core, key (mechanical, electronic, biological); chip, circuit board and software part; communication system and cloud server, APP part.
Although it is called a fingerprint lock, fingerprints are not anti-theft. You have seen it many times in Hollywood blockbusters. The fingerprint film is easy to be stolen, and some low-quality fingerprint locks don’t even need a fingerprint film. Fingerprints that look the same can be unlocked!
The same can be pushed to the current popular 3D structure face recognition. Face recognition technology is a widely used biometric technology. This technology takes the facial appearance characteristics of people as the analysis target. If there is no tens of billions of big data and precise positioning as the basis, it is not reliable. And this kind of massive data technology is basically only big brands can master.


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