How to choose the right door handle lock?

How to choose the right door handle lock?

How to choose the right door handle lock?

When we talk about door handle locks, we immediately think of door handle locks on various doors in the house, and outdoor door locks. Our doorknob locks protect everyone’s safety and property, so everyone must value the quality and safety of a good doorknob lock, right? I think so.

So how to choose a suitable doorknob lock?

Doorknob locks are an important line of defense to ensure everyone’s safety, and are also equivalent to a barrier. Play a blocking role to protect everyone’s privacy. There are a wide variety of doorknob locks on the market today, which are dazzling and vary in quality. Choosing a good suitable doorknob lock is a headache and has to be carefully studied, after all, it is related to your own safety. How do we choose?

First of all, the most important thing is the quality of the door lock. Large and small door locks are made of different materials.

  1. Aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy door locks have low development cost, soft texture, easy deformation, short service life and poor hand feel, so the price is relatively low.
  2. Zinc alloy. There are many styles of zinc alloy door locks on the market, and the material properties are relatively stable. If the surface is polished and electroplated well, the service life will be prolonged and the price is high.
  3. Brass lock. The core of the brass lock is wear-resistant and has superior mechanical properties, so the price and grade are relatively high.

Choosing a doorknob lock should not only consider safety but also its appearance.

Because the door lock also decorates the presence of one of the facades of our home. When choosing the appearance of the door handle lock, we must first touch the feel, and try not to choose the one that is not smooth. The quality of a product with a shoddy feel is not good enough. The manufacturer is suspected of cutting corners, so don’t choose if it feels uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable when opening the door. Trust your feelings and change to a better one. Why is there such a lock? It is because their plating is not done well, or the materials are not good enough. The style of indoor door locks should also be matched with the overall style of the home. This coordinated style is very important.

When you are buying door handle locks, you should also pay attention to whether the door locks have exposed tips. If there is, it is easy to scratch the hands of the elderly and children. It is also not recommended to choose, it is best to choose a handle door lock with some curvature.

The door handle lock should also be tested to see if the noise is loud, the twisting is smooth, the unlocking is normal, and the closing test is normal. All of these need to be considered, but for the locks produced by our company, Well Hare Ware, a professional lock company, you don’t have to consider these. Every lock we produce has been accurately tested before you dare to sell it to you. Our doorknob locks are of very good quality, so don’t worry, just go to our official website to buy them. Let you rest assured that if you have any questions, you can negotiate with our staff to return and exchange, and you will be satisfied.

The doorknob lock of our Well Hard Ware company is a zinc alloy doorknob lock suitable for the public. The following are some parameters of our company’s doorknob lock, hope it will be helpful to you!

1) Material: Zinc Alloy die casting handle and lock;



3) Finish: Chrome plating/Nickle plating/ Golden plating

4) Combination/key code: 300;

5 Rotation angle 90 degree CW.

6) Available in Brass, steel, Zinc Alloy or metal key with plastic cover (2 keys).

7) Special Design Brass Key, auto carving, high security;

8) keyed alike(KA) or Keyed different(KD) are available.

9) Screw mounted.

10) Usage: Cabinets, drawer, and other steel office furniture.

11) Packing: Can be customized.

If you have the idea of ​​buying door handle locks, you might as well visit to see our products!


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