How to Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes

How to Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes

Rust, corrosion, or general wear and tear may affect doors that have been in place for an extended period. Over time, even a mild touch may pry them off their hinges. Hinge breakage may be caused by even little pressure, such as when a youngster is playing by attempting to swing from the handle or by a heavy body pressing down on the door. What would you do if you found yourself in this predicament? How to mend door hinge holes is often a job for a professional. This post is a tutorial on how to fix stripped door hinge holes. Hope it will help you out of the issue.   Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes

Materials You Need When Fixing Stripped Door Hinge Holes

  Remember that the holes left by the old hinges’ screws might be large when figuring out how to mend door hinge holes. Those who have done these things before will find the procedure much easier. You’ll need the following supplies:  
  • Saw
  • A drill
  • Screw Drivers
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Glue and Shop Brush
  If your toolbox is available before starting the procedure, you may use the contents for anything else that ends up coming up. Items like these are required for a proper hinge hole repair on a door.  

How to Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes Step by Step


Step 1: Remove the Existing Holes by Drilling

  A 3/8-inch drill bit will work well for removing the existing holes. The size of the already-installed screws will determine whether you need a bigger or smaller head. The most common screw size for hinge screws is 3/8. Drilling may make a hole for the dowels, which will serve as a secure attachment point for the new screws.   The hole’s depth is another factor that must be taken into account. Dowels should be drilled to the proper size. If possible, the dowel’s inner end should rest flush inside the frame.  

Step 2: Check the Size of your Dowels

  Next, test the dowels to ensure they are the correct size. You may adjust the height by trimming them down or building them up to the desired proportions. To correctly repair door hinge holes, the dowel must be a precise fit. The dowels must be the exact diameters to secure the new screws in the door frame securely.  

Step 3: Glue it all Together

  Check the fit of the dowels, then fill the holes with glue and the dowels. Apply equal pressure with the shop brush around the wooden parts. The door frame will be more stable if more adhesive is applied to the holes. If you want your wood project to last, you need glue that will hold up for years.  

Step4: Secure the Dowels in Position

  Dowels may be inserted into the holes when the glue has dried. One may use a hammer to force them in. Now is when your depth gauge comes in handy. The whole dowel should be able to fit into the holes if they are the correct size. Some may protrude, but that’s okay. After the dowels have been installed, the next step is to wait. This is the most labor-intensive step in repairing door hinge holes. It may take 24 hours for the adhesive to be fully set. Currently, your only option is to wait it out.  

Step5: Choose your New Hinges and Place your Pilot Holes

  Once the door is removed, you may buy new hinges and give them time to reach while the glue dries. Hinge Outlet has a wide variety of door hinges available. You may update the look of your house with contemporary accents.
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