How To Install Cam Lock

How To Install Cam Lock

cam lock technical drawingThe installation method of the blade cam lock is also very simple. Pay attention to some details in how simple it is. The blade cam lock is a simple anti-theft lock, and the function of the anti-theft lock is to prevent theft and bring our own safety. Guarantee, bring a peaceful environment to our lives. The following is a brief introduction on how to install cam lock.

Things You Need to Know before Camlock Installation

The installation of the lock is also a key: the installation must be carried out in strict accordance with the product manual, and the installation center distance, the scope of application and the opening method of the lock must be recognized. Special attention must be paid not to install on wooden frame doors with high humidity to prevent corrosion of harmful substances.

How To Install Cam Locks Step by Step

Installing cam locks can be an easy thing if you can folow the steps as below:
A. Determine the center of the lock body and bolt according to the “fixed distance template”.
B. Draw a circle from the two center points, lightly drill a 54 mm diameter lock body hole, then drill a 25 mm diameter lock body hole, and at the same time excavate the bolt and socket.
C. Remove the inner handle with the tip of the accessory.
D. Put the bolt into the bolt hole on the side of the door, fasten it with screws, then install the lock body, insert the lock body hole from the room, and buckle the tail end of the bolt at the same time, so that the lock body and the bolt are combined stand up.
E. Adjust the position of the outer adjusting ring so that the center of the lock body is at the position of the thick center line of the door.
F. Put the inner handle glove on the handle tube, press down the positioning card with the closed end of the accessory, and then push in the inner handle so that the two are pinned and will not trip.
G. If you use the key and the outer and inner handles to open flexibly, then the lock installation is correct.
The above information is about how to install a cam lock, hope it will help you out of this issue. Any more question please leave your comment.
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