How To Install Hinge Pin Door Stop

How To Install Hinge Pin Door Stop

The purpose of a hinge pin door stop is to protect your walls from the knob of your door. Sometimes the wall beside your door can get damaged by your door. Even, if you have furniture, then your door may also damage it. A hinge pin stop can maintain the distance between the door and the wall. Hence, you need to install it. In this post, we will talk about how to install hinge pin door stop. how to install hinge pin door stop  

Things That You Need

  1) Hinge Pin Door Stop (One or two) 2) A Hammer 3) A Screw Driver (small headed) 4) A Punch or A Sharp Flat Object 5) A Support To Hold Your Door    

Step By Step Hinge Pin Door Stop Installation Process


First Step

Your first step is to choose a high-quality hinge pin door stop for your door. Your door could be a small one or a big one. A big door means it’s heavier. So, you may need a sturdy hinge pin door stop. Moreover. if you have a big door, you may need two hinge pins. Therefore, you should assess the weight of your door before installing a hinge pin door stop.  

Second Step

The hinge on your door has a pin. You have to remove this pin. So, use the hammer and the punch to push it from below. Some hinge pins have screw heads. In that case, you can use a small screwdriver to remove the pin. Some people use a sharp flat object (on the pin’s head) and a hammer to remove this pin. You can also apply this method to tap off the pin. Just place the flat object below the head of the pin and tap it upwards.  

Third Step

After the removal of the pin, your door needs support. So, you can ask somebody to hold the door or you can support your door by pushing a small object under the door.  

Fourth Step

Now, you have to align the door stop’s hole to the hinge’s hole. Because the hinge pin will go through these holes. Your hinge pin door stop has two heads. One head is fixed (sometimes cushioned) and another head comes with an adjustable screw. You have to keep the adjustable head faced to your wall.  

Fifth Step

Next, install the hinge pin back into the hinge. Use a hammer to push it through the holes. You can also use a screw driver to install the pin. So, now, you have your hinge pin door stop – installed on the hinge.  

Sixth Step

The hinge pin door stop has an adjustable screw. You can adjust the screw’s angle to protect your wall. Thus, your hinge pin door installation completes.   For a heavy door, you can use two door stops. A large door may have two or three hinges. So, you can repeat the above process to install another hinge pin door. But, after installing two pin door stops, you have to adjust their levels. If one door stop touches your wall, then another should also touch the wall. Hence, adjusting the levels is also an important task.   A hinge pin door stop can protect your walls and it can stop your door from slamming. An excellent quality hinge pin door stop can withstand the load of a heavy door. Therefore, you should always choose an A-grade hinge pin door stop.     Also Read: Steps on How to Remove Door Hinge Pin      
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