Best Way on How to Measure a Cabinet Hinge?

Best Way on How to Measure a Cabinet Hinge?

Do you want to install a new cabinet hinge? Are you planning to replace an old one? If you plan to perform these tasks effortlessly, you must know how to measure a cabinet hinge. You can come across hinges in various sizes and shapes. Accurate measurements always help you choose the most suitable hinges. It also makes installation an easy task. Further, you can open or close your cabinet doors with great ease. Here are step-by-step instructions that let you measure a cabinet hinge efficiently; how to measure a cabinet hinge  

1.Remove and Place the Hinge on a Flat Surface

  Disconnect the hinge from the cabinet using a screwdriver before taking measurements. Generally speaking, hinges come with 4 minimum screws. You just need to turn counterclockwise to remove the screws. Place the hinge on a flat surface before starting the measurement process.     Paint buildup can make this task difficult. Use a utility knife to cut through the paint before plucking off the screws. Do you want to replace more than one hinge? All hinges on a door are of the same size. So you need to measure only one to get accurate measurements for all.    

2. Measure the Open Width

  When measuring the open width, you should do it across the entire hinge. You can find two sides or leaves on a hinge. A vertical spin divides them in the middle. Keep both leaves flat by opening the hinge completely to lay both sides. Extend a tape measure between the outer edges to measure the open width of the hinge.     When you perform this task, you must hold the tape measure over the vertical pin of the hinge. The open width is the most critical thing you should consider. However, you should not undermine the significance of other measurements. Other measurements are inevitable for improved accuracy.   You May Like:How To Install A Lock On A Cabinet  

3. Measure the Width of Each Leaf

  The next step is to measure the width of each leaf. What is the leaf width? It is the distance between the outer edge and the central pin of the hinge leaf. There are many different sizes of leaves available based on the type of hinge. It is essential to measure both leaves to get accurate measurements.     The middle part is the widest part of each leaf. So, you must measure across this part of each leaf. When leaves are not of the same size, knowing widths is a critical aspect. There are many different types of hinges with varying sizes available today. You might choose the wrong hinge if you don’t measure the width of each leaf.    

4. Measure the Hinge Length from Top to Bottom

  The best way to get the length measurement of the hinge is to measure from top to bottom. The single pin in the center is the tallest part of most hinges. You must keep a tape measure parallel to the hinge for measuring the height.     Some hinges come with uneven leaves. That is to say, you can find hinges with leaves of different sizes. You should measure the height of each leaf in such a situation. It is also necessary to notice which measurement matches the side of the cabinet and the door side.     These step-by-step instructions clearly convey how to measure a cabinet hinge. Many people measure hinges while keeping them on cabinets. If you want accurate measurements, you should remove them before taking measurements.  
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