How to Remove Cam Lock Step By Step

How to Remove Cam Lock Step By Step

Cam locks are reliable fasteners, and this specific quality makes them a preferred choice for cabinets and drawers. However, your cam lock might experience operational issues and cause inconvenience. In that condition, you will have to remove that lock to bring back the functionality of your furniture. Go through the following to know how to remove cam lock without causing any damage. Here are the step-by-step instructions you can follow to remove the cam look without any additional help.

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Step One: Start from the Blocking Access


Take the original key of your cam lock and unlock it. Now, look for the blocking access in your drawer or cabinet. First, you will have to remove the blocking access, and then you can plan the next step. Find it, pull it out to the rear of the lock, and keep it aside. Some might come with plastic locking levers. If your cam lock has this feature, you can compress them fully while removing them. Observe and plan based on the design.


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Step Two: Focus on the Latch and Fastener


After removing the blocking access, you can remove others parts, including the fastener and latch. You will need a screwdriver in this step. Take a screwdriver and use it to remove the lock fastener. First, loosen it by grabbing the latch to the lock’s end of the cam. After this step, disconnect it from the lock’s end completely. You will have to remove the fastener and the latch and keep them aside.


Step Three: Remove the Retainer Clip


Now you have removed the blocking access and the latch with the fastener. Next, you have to find the retainer clip. You can check between the cam lock and the backside of the furniture. Find it and pull it out. You can use a pair of pillars to remove the clip. However, you can use your fingers when you do not have pliers. You can wiggle the cam lock from side to side to loosen the clip and remove it conveniently.


Step Four: Remove the Cam Lock


Finally, take the last step and remove the cam lock. You can push the lock towards the direction of the end of the key. Your cam lock will slide out if you apply some force. However, twist the lock gently if it requires more pressure. Remove your cam lock gently, and then reconnect the latch and fastener.


You can remove the cam lock within a few minutes with a key. You can remove the cam lock even if you do not have the original key. You can use an old blade screwdriver when you do not have the key to unlock your cam lock.


You can use a hammer to drive the screwdriver into the key slot. Have a pipe wrench and place it on the screwdriver handle to turn it. It might require some pressure to unlock the cam lock without a key. But you can do it with this step.


Now that you know how to remove a cam lock, you can do this without damaging the lock. Follow the above steps to remove the lock with or without the key.


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