Is fingerprint lock (electronic lock) really safer than mechanical lock?

Is fingerprint lock (electronic lock) really safer than mechanical lock?

The biggest advantage of smart lock products is that it is very convenient to open the door! The finger is the key, and you can experience the magical sensation of opening with one click. If you or your family have trouble entering fingerprints, you can also use a password or card to open the door, which is very convenient! In addition, after all, it is a lock with the word “smart”. The appearance of it when installed on the door is indeed superior to that of a mechanical lock (commonly known as tall), and it looks good. So is the anti-theft door smart lock or mechanical lock good? Today I will introduce the difference between these two door locks and the advantages of anti-theft door locks.

Whether the anti-theft door smart lock is good or the mechanical lock is good, it is really difficult to answer this question accurately. Each of these two types of locks has its own advantages. The biggest advantage of the smart lock is its convenience, no need to bring a key. There will be no case that you can’t enter the door because you forget to bring the key. As for safety, the cores of smart locks are generally C-class anti-theft lock cores, and the technology cannot be opened. When a lawbreaker picks the lock, it will immediately send out a loud alarm to scare off the lawbreaker, and at the same time push an alarm message to tell the owner to help the owner grasp the safety of the home door lock in real time. However, some electronic components of smart locks are prone to malfunction and damage under moisture or other environments, resulting in the situation that the lock cannot be opened. (Because of this, the state stipulates that electronic locks must have a mechanical lock core.) In terms of convenience: smart locks can generally be unlocked with fingerprints, passwords, and cards, and are equipped with an app to view door opening records, issue temporary passwords, and view battery power Wait. At present, some manufacturers also have face recognition locks. It is more convenient to use, but it is not without its shortcomings. The inconvenient point is that the battery needs to be replaced, but there are basically low battery reminders. If you do not pay attention to the use of electricity, you need a temporary power supply or a mechanical key to unlock.

The only big problem with mechanical locks is that you have to bring your keys when you go out every day. If you forget, please ask the unlocking company to help unlock them. In terms of safety, the mechanical lock cylinder can be replaced with advanced lock cylinders (C level, super C level). This level of lock cylinder cannot be opened. When a lawbreaker picks a lock, the movement of the lock picking is too great, and the lawbreaker will not choose this kind of lock to start with. It is not a problem to use mechanical locks for several years on the service life. It is also convenient to repair when there is a problem.

There is no doubt that the security of the anti-theft door smart lock is better than the mechanical lock in two aspects: 1. Structural design 2. Anti-theft alarm

Anti-cat’s eye unlocking: Most of the anti-theft door smart locks have anti-cat’s eye unlocking design. The handle type will have the inner door handle design button, you need to press the button to pull the handle, and the fully automatic type does not have the handle, the thief Special tools cannot be used for work; and mechanical locks, as long as you have a cat’s eye at home, you can open it in one click!

Lock body: A better anti-theft door smart lock will have the lock body clutch built into the rear panel. Even if the front panel is violently damaged, the thief cannot damage its clutch circuit, which will increase the difficulty and time of its successful crime; The design of the card is very difficult to break if the thief does not use violence to open the lock; while the mechanical lock is a piece of cake in front of professional players. 2. The anti-theft alarm traditional mechanical lock is a “dumb lock”. Even if it is damaged by a thief, it will not resist. The anti-theft door smart lock is completely different. There are multiple sensors inside. Once an abnormality is found, the first It will alarm at time, if your mobile phone is connected to the APP, you will be able to receive the alarm message immediately.

Society is progressing, technology is developing, smart home life is getting closer and closer to us. Many people think that smart door locks are safe and convenient, eliminating the trouble of using a key to switch the lock, and also saving the burden of the key. There is also an intelligent security alarm function, which is simply too powerful. However, many people believe that the smart door lock market is not yet mature, and the Internet reveals that the quality of smart door locks is endless, and the biometric recognition function is full of loopholes, and it is not worth spending a lot of money to install.

Smart door locks refer to locks that are improved on the basis of being different from traditional mechanical locks, and are more intelligent and simpler in terms of user safety, recognition, and management. The smart door lock is the executive part of the door lock in the access control system. In 2018, the General Administration of Market Supervision conducted monitoring of smart door locks, and CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report” carried out a follow-up report and found that there were several main problems, one is the attack of the small black box, and the other is the biometrics. There are also security risks of proximity cards and remote control. A total of 34 batches of products from 34 enterprises in three provinces and cities were randomly checked. Among them, Guangdong is more, 14 batches. Zhejiang is the most with 19 batches. The unqualified rate is 14.5% in Guangdong and 47.4% in Zhejiang.


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