Is it necessary to install special batteries for smart door locks?

Is it necessary to install special batteries for smart door locks?

A brand of smart lock battery
For a class of products, differentiated features are a very important advantage, so let’s first take a look at the features of this type of “smart lock battery” promotion: anti-leakage, stable voltage, and warranty period of up to ten years. The quantity is specially designed for the capacity of the smart lock battery compartment, and the packaging is mostly 4-8 pieces for sale in a set. Apart from this, there are no other features.
The battery pack for smart door locks is mostly 4 or 8 batteries as a set
Is it really necessary to buy a smart door lock battery for the smart door lock at home? After comparing the differences between the two, I think it is unnecessary.
First of all, for qualified dry batteries, compared with carbon batteries, alkaline batteries are inherently characterized by high energy density and stable voltage. And for qualified batteries, it is very important to not leak, even ordinary alkaline batteries will be specially designed to prevent leakage.
Ordinary alkaline batteries will also be specially treated for leakage prevention
Not only that, it takes more than a year for the current smart door locks to run out of battery power. A smart lock with less power may last for more than two years, but basically the battery needs to be replaced within two years. The guarantee of leakage is useless, it can be said to be a gimmick. What’s more, other alkaline batteries of the same brand can also reach such a long shelf life, so as long as you are buying qualified alkaline battery products from major brands, you don’t need to worry so much.
Nanfu No. 5 battery has a shelf life of 10 years, but in terms of price, the “smart door lock special battery” does not make much difference compared with ordinary alkaline batteries. If you are not at ease about the battery of the smart door lock at home, Or if the use environment is very bad, you can still buy this kind of special battery.
The price comparison between two 8-cell smart door lock batteries and a 4-cell ordinary alkaline battery (below)
After all, compared with ordinary alkaline batteries, the price gap between the two is not big, and you can get a certain amount of psychological comfort. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with it. “Smart door lock special battery” just caters to the market demand of the rapid development of smart door lock, but the difference in actual use is not as big as imagined.
With the rapid development of social economy, people’s quality of life is constantly improving, and the pursuit of a better life is also reflected in the little details, just like traditional door locks have also played new tricks. Entering the era of smart home, home doors no longer need sharp and cold keys to open. Fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, and face unlocking are both safe and convenient. However, for such a high-end door lock, if it is missing a vital component, it will not be able to show its “butler” skills! That is the smart door lock battery.
When it comes to smart door lock batteries, in addition to whether people are concerned about whether they are durable, the most concerned question is: whether it will leak!
You must know that smart door locks are most afraid of battery leakage. Once the liquid leaks, it will not only damage the expensive door locks, but also may bring security risks to the family.

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