Is smart door lock worth installing? Is it really safe?

Is smart door lock worth installing? Is it really safe?

In recent years, “smart” has been a hot word. Among them, smart door locks have gradually entered thousands of households and become the first choice for many families to upgrade their door locks. They have the advantages of no keyhole, safety and convenience. Recently, the community has been able to enter the community by swiping the face, and the access control of the building can also be swiped by the mobile phone. Suddenly, it seems that only the home needs to bring the key to open the door. I usually don’t like to bring wallets, cards, keys, etc. when I go out, it is too much trouble. A few times I forgot to take the key when I went out, but when I came back in the evening, I regretted my poor memory. Finally, I waited for an hour or two, and spent 100 yuan to call the unlocker before entering the house.
In order to achieve the goal of bringing a mobile phone out of the house is enough, I am going to remove the key to the last step of entering the house, so I recently studied the mainstream smart door locks on the market, and share the relevant knowledge I have learned here.
Points to note: whether the existing doors can be installed, safety, unlocking methods, and after-sales service.
1. Can existing doors be installed?
You need to pay special attention before buying. It will be embarrassing if you find that the installation cannot be installed after you buy it and disassemble it. Usually it depends on the size. It is best to consult customer service.
2. Security
The safety is mainly to buy well-known brands. The lock cylinder has three levels of A, B, and C, and the best is C level.
Standard lock body: refers to the distance between the center point of the square rod (linked handle) hole and the center point of the lock core hole and the distance from the center point of the lock core hole to the side of the lock body is 68*60, referred to as 6068 lock body for short.
Overlord lock body: Simply put, it is a lock body derived from the universal 6068. Two anti-lock tongues are added. The size of the lock body is larger and the security is higher. Of course, the price will be higher.
3. Unlocking method
Fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking are the most commonly used. Fingerprint unlocking needs to pay attention to the security of fingerprint recognition. It is best to choose the third-generation multi-dimensional living fingerprint recognition.
1st generation: optical fingerprint recognition
2nd generation: semiconductor fingerprint recognition
3rd generation: live fingerprint recognition
4th generation: multi-dimensional live fingerprint recognition
The general-purpose, push-pull type is more convenient, and it doesn’t matter whether the left door or the right door is opened during installation, and the price is relatively more expensive.
Advantages of smart locks:
1. You don’t need a key, and you’re never afraid of forgetting to bring your key or losing your key;
2. The unlocking method is more humane, which is convenient for the elderly and children;
3. There is an alarm function, which can effectively prevent thieves from entering the house and stealing;
4. The overall safety is high.
As an emerging thing, the security of smart locks has not been perfect:
1. The card to open the door is easy to be copied;
2. It is troublesome to record fingerprints and other information in the early stage;
3. Some functions are controlled by Bluetooth, and they will be invalid if they exceed the range;
4. The industry is chaotic and the product quality is difficult to distinguish.
How to choose an excellent smart lock?
1. The lock cylinder is critical
Whether it is a traditional door lock or a smart door lock, the lock cylinder is the core part of the lock, which plays a vital role in safety. The lock core includes: Class A, Class B, Super Class B, and Class C. The higher the level, the higher the safety factor (the thief takes longer to unlock).
Regarding the level of the lock cylinder, many children’s shoes may not be very familiar. Here, Brother Shui will tell you about it.
Before 2015, the country had not established a standard for C-level lock cylinders, and most of them were exaggerating. However, on January 29, 2015, the country officially promulgated the new mechanical anti-theft lock standard “GA/T 73-2015”, adding the C-level lock cylinder standard, which increased from the A and B levels in 1994 A, B, and C three levels to 15 years.
Then there may be children’s shoes here who will ask: There is only ABC grade in the national standard, what the hell is Super B grade?
Everyone knows that the A-level lock core is not as good as the B-level, and the B-level is not as good as the C-level, so is the super B-level as C-level?
Answer: No
Super B level can be understood as the “corporate standard”. Since the standard has not been updated for a long time after 1994, the entire lock industry has advanced by leaps and bounds. The lock cylinders produced by some lock manufacturers have completely surpassed the standards of the B-level lock cylinders, so the company named itself “Super B-level”. .
In short, when purchasing a smart door lock, a good lock cylinder corresponds to a super B or even C level.
2, choose the material
The material of the smart door lock cannot be ignored. At present, there are mainly four kinds of materials that are most widely used on the market: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and engineering plastics. Of course, the different characteristics of the materials are different.
① Zinc alloy: At present, due to its cost-effective advantages, it is the only one in the smart lock panel material, occupying an absolute mainstream share.
Easy processing and forming, low cost, mature surface treatment technology and many other advantages, make the current use of zinc alloy in the field of smart door locks is relatively large, and the acceptance is high;
② Aluminum alloy: an alloy material formed by adding various materials to aluminum as the base material.
The material is light, easy to form, moderate strength and cost price, it is one of the ideal materials for smart door locks;
③ Stainless steel: Generally speaking, the so-called stainless steel panel mainly refers to 304 stainless steel.
High hardness, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, low material cost, but processing difficulty is its natural disadvantage, so stainless steel is not widely used in smart door locks;
④. Plastics: mostly used as auxiliary materials (such as the password recognition part of smart locks), and have little effect on performance.


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