Is the anti-theft door lock smart or mechanical?

Is the anti-theft door lock smart or mechanical?

In daily life, locks are one of the important barriers to ensure the safety of family and property. In the past, we used traditional locks in our home life. With the development of technology, people have developed anti-theft door locks. Anti-theft door locks refer to locks that are different from traditional mechanical locks and are more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management. So what are the advantages of anti-theft door locks compared with mechanical locks? Which is better?
1. Beautiful and fashionable: different from the traditional lock design, the appearance design of the anti-theft door lock keeps up with the trend of the times, using simple and smooth lines to outline the outline of the lock body, fine surface treatment technology and a variety of colors to make the anti-theft door lock The overall look is beautiful and generous, suitable for a variety of decoration styles. The design of the anti-theft door lock also just meets the modern people’s pursuit of beauty and fashion under the premise of ensuring the practicality of the product.
2. Convenience: The anti-theft door lock is different from ordinary mechanical locks. It has an automatic electronic induction locking system. It will automatically sense that the door is closed and the system will automatically lock. The anti-theft door lock can be opened by remote control, mobile phone remote control.
3. Stronger anti-theft: the use of locks is to protect people’s private property and safety, so the anti-theft of locks should be the eternal theme of locks. A key is needed to open the lock, and the key of the anti-theft door lock can be a proximity card, which adopts authority management, which is not easy to crack, and the corresponding code can be deleted from the authority after the proximity card is lost, so that the door cannot be opened even if the proximity card is obtained, and the security is guaranteed Guarantee; based on the characteristics of ID card encryption technology, it is almost impossible to copy, and it is easy to prevent theft; at the same time, set a combination password by yourself, so that the thieves can’t guess; so there is no need to worry about the door lock being maliciously damaged by the thieves.
4. Creativity: Traditional mechanical locks are not particularly concerned about its appearance, but the current anti-theft door locks are more suitable for modern people’s tastes from the appearance design.
5. Convenient and quick: There are many ways to unlock the anti-theft door lock, such as remote unlocking, remote unlocking with mobile phones, etc. Later, it only needs to be changed to only need a finger lightly press or a simple phone call to open the door. There are many advantages of smart door locks, such as “more convenient, don’t worry about not having a key”, “more beautiful”, “intelligent, looks more face”, but we need a lock, and there is only one core requirement. It is “safe”.
Fingerprint recognition risk: Although each of us has our own unique physical characteristics, the data representing biometrics is not. In other words, when people verify fingerprints, the unique patterns that make up the fingerprint’s physical lines are converted into data by the sensor, and then these data can be stored, shared, and even modified. This creates opportunities for misappropriation.
Generally speaking, another risk of fingerprint recognition comes from “foreign objects.” Metal wire, tape, and hair strands may all be foreign objects. Because fingerprint recognition is a learning algorithm, he takes these “foreign objects” as a biological feature after learning into the system, it will be recognized and then easily cracked.

Face recognition risk: Face recognition is a kind of biometric technology for identification based on the facial feature information of a person. A series of related technologies that use a camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing human faces, and automatically detect and track human faces in the images, and then perform facial recognition on the detected faces, usually also called face recognition and facial recognition .

Risk: Some cameras use A4 paper to print a photo, and when you put it down, you can unlock it successfully. From social networks to security cameras used in and out of stores, our facial biometric systems can be accessed at any time. Perhaps you think it is not feasible to extract the 3D rendering of the target’s face from a 2D photo or video frame? But the more widely used modern 3D comparison system can also be cracked by 3D avatar printing technology, as the researchers successfully demonstrated for some Samsung, LG and OnePlus mobile phones in 2018.

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