Is the safety handle of the smart lock necessary?

Is the safety handle of the smart lock necessary?

Talk about the safety handle. This is a configuration that many people seriously ignore when buying a smart lock that is too small and hardly affects the use of the smart lock. But this configuration is necessary. Like a car seat belt, you may not use it for the rest of your life, but once you use it, it’s time to save your life.
The so-called safety handle refers specifically to the handle on the indoor panel, which requires certain conditions or operations to unlock the door lock from the room. At present, there are generally two schemes for realizing a safe handle with smart locks on the market: an integrated push type and a split lock type.
1. Integrated push type
This is a more common and earlier approach. It is also the most scientific and reasonable way in my opinion.

This kind of safety handle integrates a button on the handle, and when unlocking, the button needs to be pressed to unlock, otherwise the door lock of the handle cannot be unlocked by pressing the handle alone.
2. Split lock type
This form appeared slightly later than the above one in my impression.
The meaning of split locking is very simple. There is no button on the door handle, instead a lock button is set on the indoor panel. After locking, the handle cannot be pressed to achieve the purpose of a safe handle.
These two forms are actually OK, and both can serve as a safety handle. So what is the role of the safety handle? The main function is to prevent cats’ eyes from opening the door and young children/large pets from opening the door by mistake.
Anti-peephole unlocking: At present, most traditional peepholes can be easily removed from the door. After dismantling, with tools, the thief can open the door lock directly from the cat’s eye. With the safety handle, you can prevent the cat’s eye from opening the lock.

Toddlers/large pets open the door by mistake: as the name suggests. Some large pets are very smart. They will also open the door after seeing someone open the door. If there is no safety handle, it is easy to be opened by mistake. The same goes for children. Therefore, the safety handle can reduce the occurrence of accidental opening of the door to a certain extent.
Therefore, the configuration of the safety handle is indeed a configuration that is easily overlooked. But is it not necessary to have this configuration? Let’s look at it separately. If you do not have children or large pets in your home, there are no peepholes on the door or electronic peepholes are installed, then the safety handle configuration is indeed not necessary.
But if it is contrary to the above situation, it is very necessary.
Of course, in fact, there is no obvious difference in the price of smart locks with or without this configuration, so take this feature by the way.
Advantages of smart door locks:
The smart lock is different from ordinary mechanical locks. It has an automatic electronic induction locking system. It will automatically sense that when the door is closed, the system will automatically lock. The smart lock can open the door lock by fingerprint, touch screen, card. Some children often forget about it and leave their keys outside and cannot enter the house. If they are using a smart fingerprint lock, they don’t have to go to their parents to pick up the keys or wait outside the door. As long as you use your own fingerprint, you can easily open the door, and individual smart locks can open its unique voice prompt function, making the operation easier and easier for users to understand. So families with the elderly and children are very suitable for using smart fingerprint locks.

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