Is the smart door lock easy to use? Is it safe?

Is the smart door lock easy to use? Is it safe?

Is the smart door lock easy to use? Is it safe? How to choose?
After reading these points, you will know

There are smart door locks on the market ranging from a few hundred to two to thirty thousand. How should one choose?

1. Fingerprint recognition: If you can’t recognize it, it’s a god.

Fingerprint recognition should be the most common way to open smart door locks. For people who often pick up couriers, it’s great that you don’t need to pick up the key when you go home.
but! The fingerprint lock is not easy to identify if the quality is not good! You need to align and press well to succeed. The images of constant experimentation filled the stairwell with an embarrassing atmosphere of pretending to be struck by lightning.
So before installation, remember to: check the accuracy of the fingerprint lock (fingerprint recognition is not sensitive? Return!). Better products mostly use 5A crystal diamond panels, which can be recognized quickly and fingerprints will not remain. However, even smart phones will occasionally fail to recognize, and don’t be too demanding that the door lock hits every time.

Fingerprint locks of average quality are not friendly to friends, elderly and children with shallow fingerprints. However, the smart door lock also has a password keyboard, IC card, Bluetooth unlocking, emergency keyhole pull, so many powerful backup solutions, don’t worry too much~

2. Password unlocking: the virtual password function is more secure

It is very insecure to open the lock if you see the password. It is best to choose a smart lock that supports a virtual password.

What is a virtual password? For example, the real password is 6 digits, and when you press the door lock, press it to 10 digits, and the 6 digits password can be hidden inside.

Some door locks support up to 20 digits password, for example: 7621 + password 6 digits +8524648454, in addition to the password, other numbers can be entered randomly.
Speaking of this code lock, the masters in the movie often collect fingerprints on the keyboard that are dirty or damaged, pushing the code nine out of ten. Therefore, do not choose a key password, it is best to use a panel without fingerprints.
Use fingerprints to unlock the lock, and leave the password to the relatives and the cleaning aunt who receive the temporary password~

3. Networking: Worried about being hacked? You think too much

Smart door locks are connected to the Internet, which is really a tangled question: what to do if it is cracked by a hacker?
Don’t worry too much about being hacked. Most businesses still take network security measures, and abnormal unlocking will be reported to your mobile phone. If you are still worried, don’t connect to the Internet. You can use it without the Internet.

Networking skills are still very powerful! When the door lock was opened by someone, you can receive information on your mobile phone, such as seeing if the child went home in time after school. If the door is not closed, you will receive an alarm. I am not afraid that the elderly will forget to close the door.

4. Lock core: choose B grade, super B grade, C grade

Although the key is rarely used to open the door, there is a guarantee of abnormal unlocking alarm. However, smart door locks have spare keyholes and use mechanical locks to open them.

It is still possible for a thief to break the door boldly, so don’t neglect the safety of the lock cylinder. It is better to choose Super B grade for the lock cylinder, and Super B grade and C grade are better.
5. Battery: dead battery warning, external charging port

Smart door locks, like smartphones, carry the fear of being dominated by no electricity.

It sounds backward, but most of the smart locks on the market are powered by ordinary AA batteries. But don’t worry, ordinary batteries can last about 1 year. When the battery is low, an alarm will be issued (usually with a built-in backup battery) to remind you to replace it in time.



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