It is best to install a glass cabinet lock in the living room glass cabinet

It is best to install a glass cabinet lock in the living room glass cabinet

Speaking of glass cabinets, it is now being sought after and loved by many young people. The reason is that the glass cabinet body is transparent and bright at home, which not only shows the taste of life and fashion, but is also a major expression of young elements. It is very suitable for both large and small spaces.

Next, let’s take a look at which parts of the home are more suitable for customizing a set of high-end and tasteful glass cabinets!

Bedroom Wardrobe: Wardrobe is an indispensable furniture in every bedroom, the same wooden wardrobe can make people feel tired. Using an open glass wardrobe in the bedroom, combined with an opening and closing wooden door wardrobe, can make your slightly narrow bedroom space very transparent, and has a sense of high quality. If your bedroom or cloakroom is not large, you can try a glass wardrobe. Install the glass cabinet  lock to make privacy more protected.


Clever use of the corner space on the wall of the bedroom, with glass cabinets designed as a dedicated area for storing bags and jewelry, put handbags, clothes, hats, jewelry and other objects, dust-proof storage, it is also clear to find, but also has a display effect, highlighting The owner’s fashion taste.


Cloakroom: Owning a cloakroom is every woman’s dream, but many people are defeated by the reality of the small size of the bedroom, and the cloakroom has become an abandoned “luxury dream”. Now we can use the corner or side position of the bedroom to realize the dream of owning a cloakroom through a customized glass cloakroom. The glass cabinets in the cloakroom must be locked in accordance with the glass cabinets to prevent clothing from being soiled by pets or children.


If the cloakroom space is large enough, a set of exquisite and atmospheric transparent wardrobes can be customized to bring a different and stunning beauty to the cloakroom. Use a glass door wardrobe to display your beautiful clothes, and add a door cabinet to store pajamas and underwear, separate the display area and the privacy area.



Living room cabinet: Abandon the traditional wooden door display cabinet, and use the glass cabinet body with the light belt to give people a refined and dreamy sense of high quality. The objects in the glass cabinet are like display items, which are pleasing to the eye. At this time, you will find that the cabinet in the living room is not only a piece of furniture, but also an ornament, making the living room look more fashionable and cutting-edge. It is also best to install a glass cabinet lock in the living room glass cabinet


Transparent glass door wall cabinet (TV cabinet), let the simple lines be full of agility, leaving the cumbersome and delicate contrived, the outcome is pure and clear, full of light luxury and very trendy, the favorite of young people.


For high-end residential families with floor-to-ceiling glass doors, the design of this set of metal glass side cabinets in the living room will not damage the transparent visual space of the glass doors, but also can be perfectly integrated and matched. At the same time, it can effectively use the storage space to make the interior not Monotonous, full of the breath of artistic taste.


The glass cabinet is used as the partition space of the entrance in the living room, which will not affect the permeability of the living room, but can form an independent space on its own, which is both practical and artistic. The glass cabinet is relatively transparent and has good visual ductility, which can increase the sense of space and make people feel not depressed.


Magnesium-aluminum alloy glass cabinets with transparent glass on all sides provide a panoramic view of all the fashion exhibits. The light strips are added to the glass cabinets to increase the fashion beauty under the background of the lights. The whole cabinet is like an exhibition stand, which looks full of high-level sense; at the same time, it is integrated with the glass bookcase in the living room, and the overall sense is very strong.


Restaurant wine cabinet: The wine in the restaurant can be placed in the glass cabinet, and then matched with the lighting background of “seeing the light but not the light”, so that the restaurant can create a hazy beauty without leaving the wine cabinet space completely exposed, which is the moment More popular design method.




Through the display of various glass cabinets above, I believe everyone has been planted by the glass cabinets. However, ordinary glass cabinets generally use aluminum alloy materials, and most of them are hollow-core thin-wall composite sections. Although they are convenient to use and can reduce weight, they have insufficient bending strength and are easy to deform. Below, I will share with you some details and common sense of custom design of glass door wardrobe.

1. The copper-colored magnesium-aluminum alloy frame structure is the mainstream material for modern light luxury homes

The high-end custom brands on the market now use copper-colored magnesium-aluminum alloy to make the frame structure, which is commonly used in aviation and the production of high-end doors and windows. It has strong compression resistance, low deformation rate, and stronger quality and durability.


In addition, the copper-colored frame and door frame are luxurious and exquisite, high-end and generous. From the processing details of the frame structure, if it is supplemented by professional CNC machine tools to form a 45-degree arc structure with R rounded corners, it will be more rounded, delicate and fashionable.

Second, anti-ultraviolet tempered glass to protect the contents and personal safety of the cabinet.

The main material of    glass cabinets is glass. After a series of processing, paint baking, sandblasting and other processes, they have strong functionality, and the overall design is also very fashionable. Moreover, the glass material has good anti-oxidation and moisture-proof functions, and it is very natural and environmentally friendly.


From the point of view of glass material, the better one is anti-ultraviolet tempered glass, which can effectively isolate the ultraviolet rays in the external environment and prevent damage to the leather, accessories, clothing and collectibles in the cabinet from discoloration and aging. In addition, it is better to use toughened glass, which has higher strength, is not easy to break, and will not hurt people.

3. The invisible door hinge design makes the glass cabinet visually more concise

For a real high-quality decoration life, it lies in the production and excellence of all details. A door hinge can reflect the intentions of design and decoration customization.


The invisible door hinge is relative to the “open door hinge”. Its biggest feature is that the glass cabinet body cannot be seen from the outside after the door is closed. This way, the cabinet door is connected to the top and bottom plates without any extra complexity. Partial appearance does not affect the overall beauty of the transparent glass door. Install a lock on the invisible glass door to protect our personal belongings more.


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