Key Combination for Drawer Lock and Cam Lock 1

Key Combination for Drawer Lock and Cam Lock 1

Lock’s basic function is the security. We have two categories of locks: 1. Keyed Alike 2. Keyed Different.

For the first category, it is easy to know that lock’s (include drawer lock, cam lock and door locks  ) key is same; The second one means each lock have its unique keys, and different locks cannot open each others.

From keyed different category, we have come out an idea of key combinations. Which means how many different keys we have, for example: 200 K.C means we have 200 kinds of keys; 1000 K.C means we have 1000 kinds of keys.

This is the first chart, we will update each week to introduce the different K.C.


Keywords:  key, combinations, security, lock, drawer lock, cam lock, door lock;


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