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Welcome to our website, we provide variety of furniture locks. We produce zinc alloy furniture locks over 20 years. We are major supplier (factory) exporting cam lock\drawer lock\cabinet lock and

Introduce cam lock

Cam Lock is consisting of lock barrel and cam. The key can rotate the cam in lock barrel, where is in latching station. Cams can be straight or offset; offset

On the show – 2019 YIWU Fair

We are in the show of 2019 Yiwu Fair. As the only manufacturer of cam locks and drawer locks on the show, we are frequently visited by clinets. Welcome to

Top 8 uses for camlocks

Camlocks are a robust, cylindrical locking mechanism used in many different applications in industry. Here, we explore 10 of the most common uses for camlocks. Metal furniture Camlocks are widely

Brief introduction of drawer lock

Brief introduction of drawer lock

Brief introduction of drawer lock Drawer lock is a device used to lock drawers. It is a kind of lock. It is placed on an openable and closable object to

Pin Tumbler Lock

How the keys and locks work?

Keys and locks are indispensable things in our lives. Needless to say, the entrances and exits of homes, shops, offices, etc., drawers, vaults, safes, mailboxes, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc., all

5 Tip Help You Choose Best Lock

You want to buy door locks. There are many varieties on the market and there are many discounts on prices. However, after all, locks are related to the safety of

How to quickly open the drawer lock

how to open the lock that locked the drawer Use a key like this or a smaller key to repeatedly insert and remove it quickly, and at the same time


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