Several common misunderstandings about fingerprint locks

Several common misunderstandings about fingerprint locks

Several common misunderstandings about fingerprint locks
Smart home products have brought great convenience to our lives. Nowadays, the development of smart electronic lock technology is also changing with each passing day, which is recognized and sought after by more and more users. In order to allow you to better choose the one that suits you among many products, this article will give you some common misunderstandings, and hope to provide you with some help.
Common Misunderstanding 1: Iris, facial recognition, and mobile phone remote functions are more secure
Fingerprints, passwords, and proximity cards are the current mainstream unlocking methods. Technologies such as iris, facial recognition, mobile phone remote, and apps are still being improved. Before the new technology is stable, to a certain extent, some interested people have access to it. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the resulting security risks are immeasurable. In the actual application of the “high-tech” that is not yet mature, you may find that these are routines.
Common Misunderstanding 2: Follow the trend blindly
With the development of the Internet, the channels for receiving information have become more diversified. However, as a practical household product, smart electronic locks still need to do more homework before purchasing, and choose the style and function of purchase according to their actual conditions. For example, a certain Korean fingerprint lock became popular with Korean dramas, but in actual use, it was found that Korean doors are generally thinner and lighter, while most of the thicker and heavier doors in Chinese households are installed in China. Time is very difficult, and the door lock cannot be adapted to be used in Chinese households, and the service life may be shortened.
Common Misunderstanding 3: Smart locks without mechanical cores are safer
Regardless of the lock, the first priority is to ensure safety, and smart electronic locks cannot deviate from this path. Recently, I discovered that some manufacturers tried to abandon the traditional mechanical lock cylinders and switch to fully automatic switches. Such an approach is not worth promoting. We can never predict when the smart electronic lock will have some minor problems. The mechanical lock cylinder is an emergency protection for emergencies.
Common misunderstanding 4: Smart electronic locks are high-priced luxury goods
There are some smart electronic lock products with inflated prices on the market, and consumers’ insufficient understanding of the smart electronic lock market has led many consumers to still believe that smart locks are high-end consumer products. With the development of the smart home market in recent years, smart electronic locks are no longer a luxury item at the top. Many inexpensive and good-quality products have quietly approached our lives. Everyone can use materials, stability, and safety when shopping. Considering other aspects, avoid smart locks that are too expensive and choose a smart electronic lock that really suits you.
①Virtual password.
This function is mainly to prevent peeping. For example: the password you set is 123456. If you are worried about the password leakage when there are people around, you can press the numbers before and after, as long as there are consecutive 123456 in the middle, you can unlock it.
②Opening method.
At present, fingerprint locks are basically equipped with fingerprint unlocking, card unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, password unlocking, and key unlocking. Some models also have face recognition. Choose according to your needs. Personally, I don’t recommend choosing a face recognition fingerprint lock because it is easy. Was cracked.
③About electromagnetic interference prevention.
You must have this design when purchasing a fingerprint lock to prevent it from being cracked by the Tesla electric circle (small black box).
Before the small black box opened the smart lock for 3 seconds, it used electromagnetic interference to make the fingerprint lock misjudge the instruction. Therefore, whether the fingerprint lock has this design is very important.


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