Smart electronic lock installation steps to help you quickly install

Smart electronic lock installation steps to help you quickly install

The size of different ordinary door locks may be slightly different. When installing, it should be installed according to the decomposition of the components in the box and the installation diagram. The opening of the door lock is a point of attention. The opening of the door buckle on the door frame should be aligned with the hole on the door leaf. If they are not aligned, this will shorten the life of the door lock over time. When installing the door lock, pay special attention to the distance between the lock heads. When installing, place the lock head’s trademark upright, and install with the key. When installing, screw the lock screw into the lock evenly. Do not tighten the screw on one side to avoid breaking the lock. The opening of the door lock must be strictly according to the installation size indicated by the opening drawing. The opening size and positioning must be in accordance with the opening drawing standard. Care should be taken when opening the hole. Do not open the hole or the door cracks. If the opening is too large, it will cause The lock body cannot cover the hole position, which seriously affects the overall appearance. If the opening is too small, it will easily squeeze and deform the door lock circuit board, resulting in the door lock not working properly after installation, leading to various phenomena that should not occur. When installing, the connecting rod and the head hole must be concentric and not skewed to avoid inflexible turning of the key.

Smart electronic locks are the result of adapting to the intelligence of the new era. It not only has the traditional anti-theft function, but also has beautiful, intelligent and convenient functions. But now there are so many kinds of electronic locks on the market, the smart electronic locks you buy home will not be installed? Let the editor introduce the installation steps of the electronic lock to help you quickly install the electronic lock.

Intelligent electronic lock installation-door lock installation

(1) Draw the opening line: according to the opening pattern provided by the factory, the front and back lines, back lines and side lines of the door. (See the specific hole diagram for specific drawings)

(2) Draw the front opening line of the door: determine the height of the door lock installation, the height of the handle position is 90cm from the bottom of the door, (the old door is modified, and the door is still the same). According to the hole diagram, draw a line.

(3) Draw the back line of the door: Draw a line behind the door in the same way as above. .

(4) Draw the side opening line of the door: first draw the center of the door side, and then punch holes according to the opening line on the side of the door.

(5) Draw the opening line of the door frame: After installing and opening the lock cylinder, open the opening line of the door frame according to the corresponding position of the lock cylinder (according to the requirements of the hole diagram)

(6) The opening of the door frame must pay attention to the height of the corresponding lock core

Smart electronic lock installation-hole

(1) Open the front and rear holes according to the drawn holes.

Note: When opening the hole, prevent the wood fiber from abrading (it is better to use a cutter to cut the fiber along the opening line) to prevent the opening from being too large.

(2) Open the opening line and open the side hole.

Note: The side door lock is one of the most critical aspects of opening. Carefully open the hole to prevent the fiber from flickering and prevent the opening from being too thick and rough. After opening the hole, check the lock cylinder. If it is not appropriate, please correct it accordingly.

(3) Open the door frame according to the drawn opening line. Note: The hole size of the door frame is required to be high to prevent the virtual position and lock the door lock (see hole diagram for details).

Intelligent electronic lock installation-lock installation

After opening the package, first check whether the door lock components are complete and the direction is the same as the room, and test whether the computer lock core and circuit board work properly with the battery, and then start to install the door lock:

(1) Load the lock core: install the lock core into the door panel, insert the connector into the inner panel, and all the fixing holes are in line. Requirements

(2) Install mechanical lock: Install the mechanical lock into the lock core and tighten it, and check whether the mechanical key can open the door.

(3) Install the front lock body: adjust the square sleeve of the lock cylinder to the correct position (the square sleeve has a square shaft and spring in the inner corner), and the front lock body is installed on the door panel. Note: The circuit board cannot be installed with a hard disk, the circuit board is damaged, and the jumper is broken.

(4) Installation after the lock body: the same as the front lock body, the lock body is installed, and the upper part is fixed with screws. Note: Before and after installation, the lock body should be parallel to the door, and the left and right distances should not be adjusted. In the same horizontal direction, adjust the distance between the handle and the vertical direction of the lock cylinder.

(5) Install the battery box: install and connect the battery and battery box to the corresponding position, connect the wire plug, and try to open it with an opening card.

(6) Install the side fixing plate: install the lock core, install the door frame hole, install the plastic box and the side fixing plate.

(7) Debug to open the door, and initially configure the door lock: open the door card to open the door lock (all kinds of cards) and the mechanical key can open the door.


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