Solutions to common faults of smart fingerprint locks

Solutions to common faults of smart fingerprint locks

The development of the smart fingerprint lock industry over the years can be described as rapid. However, although the number of fingerprint lock companies is growing, there are still few companies that can truly become national brands. Therefore, we must keep our eyes open when buying. We often have some small faults in our daily use. This article summarizes some troubleshooting methods for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you.
1. The LCD screen does not display or displays incorrectly
Solution: Check the power supply and the connections of all parts, and contact the manufacturer’s technicians.
2. Cannot communicate with PC
Solution: Check the serial port setting with the PC and the address setting of the attendance machine, and check whether the communication line is unblocked.
3. The manager is full
Solution: If the managers are full, the easiest and most effective way is to delete a manager first, and then log in.
4. No response to keystrokes
Solution: The fingerprint password lock has the problem of no response to the keys, usually because the battery is installed reversely or the battery is dead, so you only need to reinstall the battery or replace the battery.
5. The system is locked
Solution: When the fingerprint password lock system is locked, please turn off the power, turn the battery switch to off, and then power on the system again.
6. Login timeout
Solution: The login timeout problem in the fingerprint password lock is generally caused by irregular finger placement, too late finger placement, or too strong external light. We only need to re-operate according to the procedure.
Q1: After installation, there is no response on the touch-sensitive keyboard
1. If this happens, first confirm whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed, and whether the battery has enough power.
2. Remove the back panel and see if it is connected.
3. To eliminate the above situation, you need to remove the lock again, check whether the wire of the lock body is squeezed, and then re-wiring.
4. Whether the working mode has been set to fingerprint mode.
Q2: The button does not respond, and the light does not turn on!
In this case, most of it is because the fingerprint lock is out of power…
When the battery of the fingerprint lock is almost exhausted, a low-voltage alarm will be issued. At this time, replace the battery with a new one, otherwise you will regret it. (Generally speaking, the battery of the fingerprint lock can be used for more than a year)
After using it for half a year or a year, open the battery cover to check the battery condition to prevent electro-hydraulic corrosion of the circuit board, especially in some cities in the south where the air is relatively humid. You should cook more.
Q3: The fingerprint verification is successful, but the door cannot be opened!
1. The fingerprint lock has two important components: one is the fingerprint module, and the other is the electronic clutch.
The verification is successful but the door cannot be opened. You can listen carefully when the verification is successful to see if there is the sound of the motor rotating in the lock. If there is, it is usually caused by the square rod in the handle falling off. If not, it may be because the circuit from the circuit board to the motor is burned out. At this time, you can’t solve it with your own hands, so you should call the after-sales service to deal with it as soon as possible.
2. The door is skewed, resulting in excessive friction between the lock tongue and the gusset plate, and the door cannot be opened.
Q4. I feel that the fingerprint reading is a bit sluggish
After using it for a period of time, the reaction of the fingerprint lock is a little slow. It may be because the fingerprint collection window has been used for a long time, and the surface is dirty or damp. Find a clean and dry soft cloth and wipe it lightly for a few times, and then try it again.
Q5. I want to change my password or delete my fingerprint, but I can’t do it
Before operation, confirm whether your fingerprint is a user-managed fingerprint. If it is not, you can’t operate it normally. If you want to change yourself into managing user fingerprints, follow the steps in the manual to correct operation and modification.
Q6, the smart lock handle can’t be twisted
The panel is installed crookedly, resulting in relatively large friction between the lock body and the panel, and it is difficult to turn the handle. You can adjust the position of the panel appropriately.
Q7. The display shows that it is locked
The panel is locked after entering the password several times or the fingerprint is incorrect, which is similar to unlocking a mobile phone. Waiting quietly for about 3 to 5 minutes, the lock will be automatically unlocked.
But unlike mobile phones, the smart lock system has anti-theft settings, so don’t think about unlocking it by force.
Q8. If there is a problem with the anti-theft door, will it affect the smart lock?
If the door is deformed or the door frame sags due to dampness or other conditions, it will cause excessive friction when the combination tongue enters the door frame box and cannot fully extend. At this time, the position of the door buckle plate should be adjusted. Otherwise, the smart lock will also be deformed. problem appear!


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