The difference between 3D face recognition smart lock and ordinary smart lock

The difference between 3D face recognition smart lock and ordinary smart lock

The difference between 3D face recognition smart lock and ordinary smart lock, which is better? Ordinary smart locks refer to smart locks that can be opened by fingerprint, password or proximity card identification. Like many homes now, ordinary smart locks are used. These smart locks have fewer functions and are more stable.
The 3D face recognition door lock refers to the use of a 3D camera to create a millimeter-level 3D face model for the user, and through the living body detection and face recognition algorithm to detect and track the characteristics of the face, and the three-dimensional face information stored in the door lock Comparing, unlocking is completed when face verification is completed, realizing high-precision identity authentication and non-inductive unlocking.

1. The unlocking method is more flexible
In addition to face recognition, the face recognition smart lock also has the unlocking methods such as the fingerprint card of the ordinary smart lock, which has more choices than the ordinary smart lock in this regard. In addition, the face recognition smart lock can be said to truly liberate both hands. The user only needs to walk to the door, and the face recognition smart lock can actively recognize and unlock the lock. The whole process takes less than 1 second.

2. Smarter lock with face recognition
Face recognition smart locks are in the area of ​​smart technology, which are better than ordinary smart locks, and are more popular in smart homes. Many smart apartments and smart homes will choose face recognition smart locks, because face recognition is more technological than fingerprint recognition, just like face recognition in technology movies, the door can be opened by swiping the face, and the experience is stronger.

Three, higher security
In the initial stage when the face recognition smart lock was put into the market, most of the 2D face recognition technology was adopted. In the previous face recognition lock test results exposed by CCTV, some face recognition smart locks could not accurately distinguish the real face and The risk of mugshot discrimination.
Because of the exposure of CCTV, smart lock manufacturers began to update the face recognition lock recognition technology used in their products, so they began to choose another face recognition technology, namely 3D thermal imaging technology, which is 3D face. Identification technology.
The 3D face recognition technology mainly generates and analyzes facial images by analyzing the heat radiation generated by facial blood. The basis is that the temperature of the bones and muscle tissues of each part of the human face is different, and the infrared spectrum emitted to the outside is also different, and it has personal uniqueness, is not affected by the external light, and can be used normally in a dark environment, and it is not easy Cover and forge through makeup.
Speaking of face-to-unlock, as the name implies, it is a lock through face recognition. Face recognition lock is a technology that allows users to fully obtain personal information stored in the device by recognizing faces. Simply put, the user records his face through the camera, so that the device memorizes the facial information in advance, recognizes the face through the camera and unlocks it. The most essential aspects of face recognition smart locks are safety, convenience, and fashion. Rejection rate and false recognition rate are undoubtedly one of the most important indicators, which can also be called rejection rate and false recognition rate.
Face recognition technology is based on the facial features of a person to recognize the input face image or video stream. The recognition process first judges whether there is a human face, and after identifying a human face, scans the position, size and position information of each main facial organ of each face, and then further extracts the identity features contained in each face based on this information , And compare it with known faces to identify the identity of each face. Compared with fingerprint recognition, its main advantage is that the face recognition smart lock can actively obtain user information without user contact.
Although face recognition technology has been applied in many fields such as security, most ordinary consumers still have their impression of it in the film and television screens. Fingerprint identification technology has been developed for more than 20 years. People have trusted and recognized fingerprint identification technology. Recently, with the use of fingerprint unlocking function in the field of mobile phones, people have shown more interest in fingerprint identification technology products. As for the unfamiliar face recognition technology, people have no choice but to show it. This technology has never shown more charm to the public. Therefore, people’s attitudes towards the face recognition lock are more curious, questioning and wait-and-see.
Face recognition technology has been applied in many fields, and face recognition smart locks have appeared as early as around 2013. In fact, the recent application of face recognition in our lives can give a glimpse of the continuous expansion of the application of face recognition technology.

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