The Drawer Lock Creates a Better Office Environment

The Drawer Lock Creates a Better Office Environment

Drawers are common office furniture. At work, in order to keep the desktop clean and safeguard personal privacy, many workers often put some working materials, documents and personal belongings in drawers and lock them. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, colleagues get along well with each other and there are not too many valuables in the drawer, so there is no need to lock it. However, Well Hardware believes that it is still necessary to install locks for drawers in the office. On the one hand, it can protect important documents from loss and prevent others from poking about your personal belongings at will and violating your privacy. In addition, some special posts (e.g. the secretary and bank) have higher security and confidentiality requirements, and it is more necessary to lock the drawer anytime in any place.

In our daily life, there are various types of office drawer locks and their security levels are different. With the development of science and technology, even intelligent drawer locks have appeared. But today, Make will show you two kinds of locks commonly used in office — the wafer lock and the pin tumbler lock. The structure and working principle of these two locks are extremely simple, but they have been widely used due to their advantages of simple installation and low price. They are one of the common locks for family, office and even industry.

WHW103-20 is a wafer lock specially made by Make for office cabinets and drawers. This type of lock is different from the ordinary cam lock. Its shape and key are very small and the cam is shorter than the ordinary one. This lock is made of high-quality copper and zinc alloy, making it firm, durable with long life. The surface of the lock is treated with bright chrome, which is smooth as a mirror and with metallic luster and texture. Because of its small size, the lock fits well with the drawer after installation.

Whw139-32 is another lock suitable for office drawers. This lock is made of high-class zinc alloy, which can prevent corrosion and is reliable and durable. At the same time, MK119 is equipped with a pin system with high safety, has good feel and can give you a smooth unlocking experience. With tens of thousands of key combinations, the lock has high safety. Thus, you can feel more at ease after locking the office drawer. Whw139 lock is compact, with its surface treated with fine polishing, plating and special processing. The lock body is shine like a mirror and has fine texture. The lock on the drawer not only improves the beauty of office furniture, but also improves the style of the office.


Nowadays, more and more people begin to attach importance to the safety of the work environment, and the demand for office drawer locks is increasing. WHW office drawer locks are of good quality and cost-effective, and are highly admired and recognized by customers at home and abroad. In addition to the wafer lock, Well Hardware also has many cam locks and pin tumbler locks with higher safety for you to choose from. In the future, Make will not forget its original intentions, continue to innovate, continuously provide safer, more high-end and more reliable office furniture locks, creating a safer, more convenient and more intelligent office environment for you.

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