UK Design company ‘s experience of purchasing metal furniture locks from China

UK Design company ‘s experience of purchasing metal furniture locks from China

I am the purchasing manager of a furniture design company in the UK. I hate purchasing on big platforms, such as Amazon and Alibaba. There are many reasons. Today I want to share with you my experience of purchasing metal furniture locks.

With the impact of the new crown epidemic, my procurement work has become more difficult than before. In the past, in addition to metal furniture locks that were available in China, they were also available in some countries in Southeast Asia. But now, except for China, no other countries can resume production well, so I was forced to start purchasing on Alibaba again. It is not difficult to find the source of goods. The most troublesome thing is to find a supplier of high-quality metal furniture locks. Factories and trading companies really don’t matter to me. Who can give me good service and the right price is what I value most. There are many manufacturers on Alibaba, but they often fail to receive feedback from manufacturers. I feel that they must be too busy. I don’t need to find a big factory to produce my goods, what I need is flexible production. I accidentally found a company called Well HardWare on Google. Their service is very good, their product positioning matches my company very well, and the price is right. So I placed a small order, mainly to see the quality of the samples.


We usually see the locks installed on the large wardrobes, chest of drawers, glass cabinets and desk drawers in the family, as well as all kinds of cabinets, and the locks on the handbags are all furniture locks. Because such locks are widely used and directly related to Every family, unit and individual contact, so the safety performance and exterior decoration of this kind of locks have higher requirements (see color picture page 4). With the improvement of people’s material life, all kinds of novel furniture have come out one after another, and the demand for furniture locks is quite large. People have higher requirements for the performance and quality of such locks in order to prevent problems.


Classification method of furniture locks

The classification of furniture locks is based on the lock classification standards issued by the Ministry of Light Industry. There are two ways of expression in terms of product shape, structural performance, product specifications, and series. According to different structures, furniture locks can be divided into two types: pin locks and leaf locks. According to different lock tongues, they can be divided into square tongues, diagonal tongues and crab claws.

Square tongue drawer lock

The square tongue drawer lock is the most common type. Generally, it can be installed on desks and furniture drawers. Its operating mechanism has two types of pin lock cylinders and blade lock cylinders. Its structure is simple, and the key does not change much.

Slant tongue drawer lock

The shape and structure of the oblique tongue drawer lock is the same as that of the square tongue drawer lock, and it is also divided into a tumbler lock and a time piece lock. It’s just that the lock tongue is a live tongue with a diagonal tongue, which usually sticks out of the lock shell, so when it is closed, just push the drawer in to lock it. In order to prevent scratches on the wooden frame, the lock is equipped with a locking plate.

Crab Claw Lock Tongue Drawer Lock

The lock tongue is shaped like a crab claw claw, and it must be fastened firmly with the lock plate to lock it. Suitable for use in cabinets, sliding doors or shop windows.

Cabinet door lock

The structure of the cabinet door lock is exactly the same as that of the drawer lock, except that the position of the device is different. There is a left-type lock and a right-type lock.

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