What are the benefits of installing a smart door lock at home

What are the benefits of installing a smart door lock at home

Are you still using old-fashioned key door locks? Forgot to bring the key to find an unlocking company, and the house is patronized by thieves and you have to pay to change the lock. Do these troubles add trouble to your life? Home is a warm harbor, and the door is a barrier to protect property safety. In this era of rapid technological development, smart door locks are indispensable!

High-tech is in the lead, and smart homes are subtly affecting our daily lives. Smart door locks are the top priority of smart homes because they play the role of guarding the door and should be given sufficient attention. In summary, smart door locks have the following three advantages.


The security of Smart door lock is extremely strong. The password lock is a virtual password. You can enter any number before and after the correct password to effectively prevent the password from leaking; the fingerprint lock is only necessary to scan from top to bottom by placing your finger on the top of the scanning position. Press your finger on the scanning position to reduce fingerprint residue and greatly reduce the possibility of fingerprints being copied, which is safe and reliable.


After installing the smart lock, you can get rid of the trouble of forgetting the key. You can choose fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, scan unlocking and other methods, each of which is very convenient and fast, just touch the screen. Moreover, the smart lock has an automatic electronic induction locking system. When the door is in a closed state, it will be automatically locked, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock the door when you go out!


The reason why the smart door lock is smart is mainly reflected in its monitoring function. The smart door lock has a built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring. You can retrieve the entry and exit records of the day at any time to understand the time when the elderly and children go out at home; you can receive the snapshots of the suspicious person as soon as the smart door lock senses an abnormality. The monitoring function is very advanced.

Comparison of smart locks and ordinary locks (mechanical locks, traditional locks)

The biggest contrast is that smart locks are more secure than ordinary locks.

  1. Various unlocking methods, no need to worry about the key problem

Compared with traditional door locks, the biggest advantage of smart locks is that you don’t have to worry about losing your keys. Occasionally, there will always be a few things that forget to bring the key or lose the key. Once they find that the key is not found, most people will choose to change the door lock again, because at this time, the most worried thing is not that they can’t get in. Someone picked up your key and entered your house.

Smart locks no longer need to use physical keys, and through the use of fingerprints, passwords, mobile apps, Bluetooth, swipe cards and other unlocking methods, you are not afraid of losing them, and of course the traditional emergency keys will be retained.


  1. With the deepening of the technological content, the anti-theft is more secure


Generally, traditional door locks are relatively easy to be destroyed, but now that there are more and more methods of burglary, it is easier to enter unconsciously.


If it is a smart door lock, no matter how strong the ability to unlock the door is. Today’s smart locks have multiple sensing and security protections, and they also have alarm functions. For example, when someone picks up the lock and the password has been verified multiple times, the smart door lock will send an alert to the mobile phone as soon as possible. At the same time, the APP in the phone will also record the status of the door lock at any time


Not only that, the current smart door lock also has: anti-peephole function, which can effectively prevent the door from being opened through the peephole from the outside: anti-peeping virtual password function, which allows users to enter any number before and after the correct password, which can effectively prevent the password from being peeped and leaked ; You can also set a temporary password or one-time password to prevent you from opening the door to other relatives and friends when you are not at home; at the same time, the fingerprint recognition technology is more advanced. It can identify dry fingers, fine-line fingers, and elderly fingers without barriers, which greatly improves the fingerprint The safety and sensitivity.



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