What are the top ten brands of smart fingerprint locks?

What are the top ten brands of smart fingerprint locks?

According to the Gade ranking list, the top ten smart fingerprint lock brands mainly include Kaadas, Dessmann, Asia Pacific TENON, Schlage, VOC, Gateman, Philips, Samsung, LOOCK, EZVIZ, TCL, etc. When purchasing smart fingerprint locks, you can focus on choosing among these brands. The quality of brand smart fingerprint locks is guaranteed.


When purchasing a smart fingerprint lock, you should mainly look at the following aspects:


  1. Selection of lock core

As the core component of a lock, the importance of the lock cylinder is self-evident. The levels of lock cylinder selection are C-level lock cylinder > B-level lock cylinder > A-level lock cylinder. The lock cylinders currently on the market can be divided into three levels according to the time it takes for professionals to open the lock: A-level lock Cylinder (professionals can open the lock within 30 seconds), Class B lock cylinder (professionals can open the lock within 5-120 minutes), Class C lock cylinder (professionals can open the lock within 270 minutes or more).

Therefore, it is recommended to try to choose a smart door lock equipped with a C-level lock cylinder.


  1. Material selection

Of course, the door lock material must be durable to avoid cracks, rust and paint peeling within a few years. Currently, the door lock materials on the market mainly include stainless steel, aluminum alloy and pure copper.

① Stainless steel material: It has high hardness and is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. However, stainless steel material is difficult to form, so those who want high-looking door locks should not have high hopes. After all, door locks made of this material are not very good-looking.

②Aluminum alloy material: Aluminum alloy smart door locks are very common. They have various styles, beautiful appearance, and glossier colors. They also look grand when used in home decoration.

③Pure copper material: Pure copper door locks are thick, delicate to the touch, have excellent texture, and have very good performance in all aspects, but the price is relatively high. If the budget is sufficient, it is still recommended to choose pure copper.


3.Function selection


When choosing a smart door lock, you must fully consider the functionality of the smart door lock, and choose a smart door lock that meets your own needs based on the actual needs of your family.

Smart door lock functions usually include: connecting to a mobile phone APP for remote control, setting a temporary password, automatically taking photos and sending reminders to the owner if someone stops in front of the door abnormally, recording the time and number of times the whole family enters and exits, etc.

When purchasing, you must fully consider whether the security functions provided by smart door locks are needed by the family, and make purchases based on specific needs.


  1. Selection of safety protection systems

Safety and reliability are the important mission of every lock, which is also an important consideration when purchasing smart door locks. Before purchasing a smart lock, be sure to choose a smart lock that has passed third-party security certification and has an active defense function. Otherwise, there may be security risks such as door prying and small black box cracking.

①Choose front and rear dual circuit system

For the hidden dangers of unlocking small black boxes, you can choose a smart lock with a front and rear dual circuit system. The two systems will have a clear division of labor. The front system is responsible for data reading and comparison, and the rear system is responsible for unlocking. Even if the front door system is cracked, thieves will not be able to crack the back door system. It has strong anti-interference and is not afraid of “little black boxes”.

②Choose semiconductor fingerprint sensor

To deal with the hidden danger of fake fingerprints, you can choose a semiconductor fingerprint sensor, which has a false recognition rate of ≤0.001 and can accurately identify users with shallow fingerprints such as the elderly and children. It also has a live fingerprint detection function that can instantly identify live fingerprints on genuine leather and eliminate fake fingerprints.

③Special protection system

Smart door locks will have their own unique protection measures. Common protection systems include anti-locking, anti-theft, monitoring and automatic alarm.


  1. Choice of door opening method


Smart door locks are the perfect choice for people who always forget to bring their keys. They only need to enter their fingerprint every time they come home. Of course, smart door locks not only have fingerprint unlocking methods, but also face recognition, mobile phone opening, password opening, temporary passwords, card account opening, two-factor authentication, emergency keys, etc. Smart door locks usually use a combination of multiple unlocking methods. .


Generally speaking, fingerprint and password unlocking are suitable for office workers, children, the elderly, etc., and temporary password unlocking is suitable for use when relatives and friends visit. It should be noted that a qualified smart door lock must be equipped with a corresponding mechanical key as a backup unlocking method.


Let’s introduce these brands of smart fingerprint locks:




Kaadas is a manufacturer with a background in the lock industry. It was established in 2009 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, where the lock industry is developed. In 2013, it moved its headquarters to Shenzhen. It is a rising star in the domestic smart lock industry. Early smart fingerprint lock manufacturers focused on real estate and other engineering markets, while Kaadas mainly focused on retail channels. In 2016, as the industry entered a stage of rapid development, it took advantage of the trend and its domestic market share once exceeded 20%, ranking among the top three in the industry. In 2017, Caddis launched many popular products, ranking first in market share that year, and establishing its leading position in the industry.




With the rapid development of the fingerprint lock industry, the market has begun to turn to the battle for cost-effectiveness. After several iterations, Philips has retained the classic Alpha series and 7000 series that have won market reputation, and the prices are mostly controlled within 4,000 yuan, which improves the cost performance. Compared with Cadiz, Philips has little difference in hardware. It also comes standard with the industry’s best Swedish FPC fingerprint module and ARM’s Corte processor. The casing also uses IML technology with relatively low cost but good texture. Only in appearance There are differences in design details. Philips push-pull automatic lock and Caddis K series automatic lock share the same lock body. Although it is stable to use, it has the problem of high energy consumption. You need to pay attention to the battery condition.


The Alpha series is Philips’ most popular fully automatic product. It currently has three models: Alpha-WiFi, Alpha-V and Alpha-VP, which are differentiated in functional design. The WiFi version is a regular model as its name suggests; the V version has added The cat’s eye enables remote viewing and intercom; the VP version adds a 4-inch indoor color screen to the cat’s eye to achieve indoor visibility. All three support five unlocking methods and two-by-two combination unlocking. Their functions are basically comparable to Cadiz’s K9 series, but the appearance design is more concise and beautiful, and the price is the same as the two.




Although VOC, which is rooted in Wenzhou, started late, relying on the advantages of the regional industrial chain, its shipments in the fingerprint lock retail market have ranked at the forefront of the industry. VOC founder Lin Feihe was once the founder of Caddis, but due to differences in business philosophy with his partners, he withdrew from Caddis in 2012 and established VOC the following year.

The overall price of VOC fingerprint locks is between 1,300-4,600 yuan, and it is positioned at the mid-to-low end. In the early days, VOC launched many models, but because there was no clear series division, it was confusing. After several product iterations, “two camps” have been formed: the fully automatic T series and the hand-held X series. Among them, the T series can be divided into the T11 series, which focuses on face recognition, and the T6 series, which focuses on cat eye.




Wenzhou Boke Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in the security industry. Its subsidiaries include Xihe Boke. Xili continues to innovate in line with the lofty mission of “working hard and serving people to enjoy a safe, comfortable and convenient smart home life” ; Boke has always been committed to continuously improving access control and all-in-one card technology, providing leading access control products and industry solutions to users around the world, and cultivating a group of professional teams who are good at R&D, marketing, and production to provide project consultation, system design, and construction installation. , system maintenance, etc. to provide a full range of high-quality services to continue to create maximum value for customers.




Since TCL proposed its intelligent layout, it has supported the development of smart home business from multiple aspects such as brand, industry collaboration, and resource investment. It has successfully established an ecosystem of technology, products, systems, platforms, and services.




loock was born based on the Internet and is a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. It has inherent advantages in product intelligence and software services. It has attracted many young consumers who have gradually become the main force in purchasing. It is one of the few companies that can fingerprint a single model. A brand that has sold more than 100,000 locks.


Speaking of loock, we have to mention its specialty “finger vein smart lock”. Finger vein recognition started in China in 2003. From 2015 to 2017, Beijing Smart Eye Technology continuously won the championship in the Global Finger Vein Algorithm Challenge, marking the beginning of my country’s finger vein recognition technology entering the world’s leading level. Finger vein recognition is verified by detecting subcutaneous vein images. Because it collects deeper biological information, it is more secure than fingerprint recognition. At the same time, it can avoid the disadvantages of fingerprint recognition such as worn fingerprints of the elderly, shallow fingerprints of children, and frequent sweating of fingers. .




Founded in 2009, Deschmann is a well-established domestic smart fingerprint lock manufacturer. It has participated in the drafting of the Ministry of Public Security’s electronic lock industry standards. It is also the only smart lock technology supplier at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.


Panasonic smart fingerprint locks sold in China are manufactured by Deschmann. Schman OEM production. Before 2015, about 80% of Deschmann’s sales came from the B-side, and its customers included nearly a hundred well-known real estate developers such as Vanke, Greenland, and Poly. In 2016, the smart fingerprint lock industry entered the fast lane of development. Deschmann benefited from the accumulation of previous products and market channels and maintained rapid growth on the retail side.

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