What battery is good for smart door lock

What battery is good for smart door lock

With the popularization of smart homes, smart locks, as the entrance to smart homes, usher in explosive growth with the advantages of more convenience and safety. At this stage, the smart lock products on the market can be described as a dazzling array of products, and consumers have great doubts about their safety and standby battery life! Today we will talk about the lithium battery of smart door locks, so that everyone has a reference when buying smart door locks!
1. Lithium iron battery:
In addition to the higher price, lithium-iron batteries with large capacity, low self-discharge, no leakage, and low temperature resistance are suitable for more than 80% of AA-type batteries. If the price per mAh capacity is calculated, lithium-iron batteries are more carbon Batteries are also cheap, and are most suitable for smart door locks. Lithium-iron battery is a disposable dry battery after “carbon battery” and “alkaline battery”. Compared with the previous two generations of batteries, this battery has a more prominent performance advantage. It is suitable for all 1.5V devices, not only can discharge with small current, but also can discharge with high current, such as high current discharge on flash lamp. The most important thing is that this battery has no fluid liquid and has a three-layer closed structure. Even if it is placed in the device for a long time, it will not damage the device due to liquid leakage. In addition, the low-temperature performance of the battery is the best among disposable batteries, and it can discharge most of the power in an environment of minus 10°C, making it the first choice for northern families.
Because foreign governments attach importance to environmental protection, the raw materials of this battery are composed of two elements: lithium and iron, with 0 mercury and 0 cadmium. Therefore, it has gradually replaced alkaline batteries. However, due to the high technical barriers of batteries and the high cost of knowledge patents, the domestic lithium-iron battery brands account for the largest proportion of time-resistant batteries, and because the price is higher than that of carbon and alkaline batteries, it is in general supermarkets. It is also difficult to buy, only available on Tmall.
2, Ni-MH battery:
Ni-MH batteries with high capacity, low self-discharge, and good low temperature performance can also be used in smart door locks. However, the one-time investment of the battery and the charger is too large, and it is basically more than 100 yuan. Pay attention to maintenance during normal use, otherwise it will Reducing the cycle life is more troublesome compared to lithium iron batteries that are thrown away when they are used up. After these years of development, Ni-MH battery has become a very mature battery, with a capacity of up to 2700mAh, the number of cycles can reach 500, the internal resistance is only about 40 milliohms, and the large discharge current close to 10A is similar to that of nickel-cadmium batteries. The low-temperature discharge performance, coupled with the cost of only a few cents per use, these advantages make Ni-MH batteries the most popular rechargeable battery. At present, Ni-MH batteries are mainly used in high-current discharge equipment such as flashlights, electric shavers, camera flashes, and electric toothbrushes. They have good discharge capacity, good low-temperature performance, large battery capacity and low self-discharge, and are used in smart devices. The door locks are also good.
At present, Ni-MH batteries are mainly available with reliable quality such as Panasonic Philharmonic, Nanfu, and Durable. Considering that the price of Ni-MH battery is relatively high, it also needs to be used with a special charger. The single investment is too high, and it cannot be charged once a year in a smart door lock. It is completely an anti-aircraft gun to beat mosquitoes, but not economical Affordable. In addition, the number of cycles of use of Ni-MH batteries does not reach the nominal value without paying attention.
3, alkaline battery
Alkaline batteries are good overall, but leakage and poor low temperature performance are their fatal shortcomings. Using them on smart door locks will damage the smart door lock. If you have children at home, you need to pay attention at all times. For families in the north, there will be insufficient power for unlocking in winter. This is currently the most common and easiest battery to buy. Compared with carbon batteries, alkaline batteries have a higher capacity, generally reaching 900mAh. Its price is also relatively moderate, so the market popularity is very high, which makes alkaline batteries seem to be the best choice for smart door lock batteries. At present, the Nanfu brand of alkaline batteries has the largest market share, after all, a century-old brand.
But alkaline batteries have two disadvantages. One is that they are prone to leakage. I believe everyone has a deep understanding that the alkaline battery is used for about a year, and the liquid leaks out of the battery, which causes the battery tank to rust and damage the equipment. Its liquid pollution components are relatively small, but it cannot be said that there is zero mercury or zero cadmium. If there are children in the home, please pay attention; the second is that the low temperature performance of the battery is poor. At minus 10°C, it can only release about 15% of the electricity at room temperature. After December, the northern regions of my country have entered winter. The temperature in northern regions such as Heilongjiang can reach minus 10 degrees Celsius. If the smart door lock or outdoor equipment at home is used, it is extremely easy to cause the equipment to fail to work normally, such as insufficient unlocking power. The speed is slow; therefore, northern families or families with children need to be cautious when choosing.
Generally pay attention to the following points when charging lithium batteries:
1. Pay attention to the charging environment. Generally, the working temperature of the battery adapted to the smart door lock is between 0-45 degrees, and it should be avoided to charge at too low or too high temperature.
2. Cultivate good charging habits, charge in time, and avoid charging when the battery is too low.
3. Avoid charging for a long time, and cut off the power immediately after charging.
4. Use a compliant charger; avoid heavy drops on the battery.


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