What brand of doorknob is locked? How to install the door handle lock?

What brand of doorknob is locked? How to install the door handle lock?

What brand of doorknob is locked? How to install the door handle lock?

As the first line of defense for home safety, doors are very important. As the core of the home-the door, and the most important element of the door is the lock installed on it.

Nowadays, there are so many locks on the market, which makes people overwhelmed. So what brand of doorknob is locked?

First of all, I would recommend this Well Hard Ware lock. This is a one-stop technology research and development lock company with product development, production and sales. They are professional in making furniture locks. With a history of more than 20 years, the old brand is trustworthy. Well Hard Ware is also very popular in today’s market, and their products are the leading products in the furniture lock industry. The furniture lock has passed the ISO quality system certification, and the investment in technology research accounts for the top 5% of the industry. It is currently the largest and best distributor in China.

As a large domestic furniture lock product company, one of the top ten brands of furniture locks. They have carbine locks, display cabinet locks, electronic smart locks, door handle locks, mailbox locks, etc., with scientific and humanized designs. Their official website is www.wellhw.com. Now in the furniture lock industry, the number of locks is uneven. Choosing them should not be disappointed. The product has high safety performance and excellent product quality. The quality of the lock cylinder is also very good. The level of the lock cylinder is very high, C-level or C+ level lock (the highest level of lock). The appearance of the packaging is smooth, and the product feels comfortable. As a professional recommendation by many people in the industry, Well Hard Ware’s locks are of good quality. At the same time, I also hope that everyone’s awareness of prevention will be better, and your important belongings should be hidden and kept.

After buying a good doorknob lock, if I want to install the doorknob lock by myself, how should I install the doorknob lock?

The first step: drilling

Determine the installation location, draw or mark, the location of the drill hole needs to be determined according to the size of the lock. New door locks generally have a fixed-distance template. You can fix the fixed-distance template with tape and then determine the location of the hole.

Step 2: Fix

You can use an electric drill when drilling, but it is best to be careful not to break the door, otherwise it will affect the appearance and installation. Next, install the lock body, install the lock into the drilled hole, and fix it with screws.

The third step: installation

Install the lock cylinder, insert the lock cylinder into the hole, and match the lock cylinder with the lock tongue. Fix it well.

Step 4: Install the panel

Distinguish the front and rear panels, install the front panel first, and then install the door handle and connecting rod in place. Then fix the front panel to the door with screws, install the rear panel, insert the lock head into the hole, and fix it with screws.

Step 5: Install the bolt

Determine the installation location, then fix it with screws, and keep it level with the door frame.

Step 6: Check

Try to see if the tongue extension and recovery are normal, and then turn the door handle to lock it with a key. If there is no other problem, the installation is successful.

If you don’t want to install it yourself, you can also ask the master to come and install it. Owning a good lock is the most important thing! Most of Well Hard Ware’s locks are made of zinc alloy, professionally made locks, at a reasonable price, and the product quality is excellent. Buying our products is a safe choice, because our after-sales are very reliable, and problems will be solved immediately to ensure your satisfaction. If you need it, don’t hesitate to go to our official website www.wellhw.com to choose the lock you want.


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